Author: Predrag Dimitrijević

When you enter Greece, fifteen kilometers from Evzoni, you probably have noticed a church on the top of a hill and a monument below. Many Serbian tourists are just rushing to the sea and they are not thinking what is there. And what is it about …

It is a memorial complex for the victims of the First World War, and this complex is made of a monument to the victims, statues of a five Prime Ministers of allied countries: Serbia, Greece, France, Italy and England, and among them is the statue of Prime Minister of Serbia in that time, Nikola Pasic, while on the top of the hill there is a chapel where they remember fallen heroes of the Salonica front as well as all the dead heroes in the First World War.

It is interesting that the land for complex in 1975 gave Greek Christopher Karafodoros, and the entire complex is enclosed by rosemary, an infallible wedding decoration in Serbia and a symbol of youth and young people who left their lives in this area.

Every year we stop here to rest in the shade of olive and pine trees and to give respect to our fallen great-grandfathers. We have to keep in mind that the roads who leads to greek beaches today, are paved with the brave and heroic lives of our ancestors, who unselfishly gave their lives for our freedom, and therefore, stop, unlock the gate of this complex and give them honor.
Eternal glory to them and thanks!

How to get there?

When you go from Evzoni, on the right side of the road, 9 kilometers after border, you will see a church on the hill and a table on the road that point to this place. It’s close to the road.

The complex is not big and it can be visited in about ten minutes, but it’s good to see one detail from our history, to stretch legs from a long trip and enjoy view on flat land of Macedonia. Also in the complex there are faucet and a toilet.