Luxurious accommodation in Greece does not exist as a separate category that requires certain conditions to be met in order to be classified as such.

Therefore, misunderstandings and disappointed expectations of tourists who vacation in Greece sometimes occur. The concept of luxury can be quite stretched, implying ordinary studios with slightly more expensive (luxurious) furniture, as well as luxurious apartments within hotels or separate facilities with their own pool, sauna, and service.

It is not uncommon to hear tourists say that hotels in Greece with 5 stars would have 3 stars in Turkey.

Due to these different categorizations and expectations, we advise you to inquire thoroughly about what luxury entails in a specific accommodation before booking, and then decide if it meets your criteria.

As an agency, we sometimes face issues with hotel names. In fact, owners have the right to include the word “luxury” in the hotel name if they believe they offer luxurious accommodation to guests. We are obliged to enter this official name, even though sometimes we believe that certain accommodations bearing this word in their name are not luxurious. However, given that there is no clear definition for the term luxury, owners have the right to classify their accommodation as luxurious. Therefore, we make an effort to provide you with a detailed description of the accommodation on our website, and it is up to you to determine if it fits your needs and your understanding of luxury.

On our website, there is a category called “Premium Accommodation” that you can explore, and in the filters, you can select the category “Luxury Accommodation” to search only for accommodations in that category.

Check out our selection of luxury accommodations HERE - Premium Accommodations.

If you want us to recommend luxury accommodation according to your wishes, write to us at and our agents will recommend and send you personalized offers as soon as possible.