If you have decided to spend your vacation on one of the Greek islands, before boarding a ferry or boat, you need to show the same documents that you showed at the border. Of course, they do not check the papers of all passengers, and it is assumed that you entered Greece with the appropriate documents, so you only need to have them on hand if asked.

Before boarding the ferry, when buying a ticket, you will need to fill out a questionnaire with basic information. You will receive this questionnaire from the staff.

If you do not want to waste time filling out the questionnaire, you can fill it out online and save it to your phone or print it out. Click here to complete the questionnaire by clicking HERE. Each adult completes the questionnaire for himself.

On this questionnaire you will need to enter the name of the ferry, the company and what time you plan to board the ferry and if you are not sure about the answer it is better to fill it out before you enter the ferry and not online.

As a rule, for boarding the ferry you need the same papers as for entering Greece, vaccine certificate, PCR or antigen that have not expired. In practice, they rarely ask for it, but if they ask, you will definitely have it. In case your tests expire (72h for PCR or 48h for antigen), there will certainly be no problem in a few hours because no one counts or counts in an hour. But if you are a little longer, a couple of days, then you can buy a so-called self test at the pharmacy and show it to enter the ferry.
All in all, for the ferry you don’t need anything extra that isn’t needed for the border.

To return from the island, you need to do a self-test from the pharmacy (if you have not been vaccinated and if you have not been infected). The price of the test is around 6e and the result is valid for 24 hours. Self test is required for all over 12 years of age.

If you happen to stay on the mainland for a few days, and then you want to visit the island, if you have not been vaccinated or have not had a crown, you need to have a negative rapid (antigen test) if you are older than 17 years. For children aged 12-17, a self-test from a pharmacy is enough, and for children up to 12, nothing is needed.

Also, ferries and ships don’t count the hours, so you don’t have to stick to these 48 hours so strictly.

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