The summer season is slowly approaching. Many tourists are thinking about summer vacations and ask what prices of apartments and hotels await us this year in Greece?

Prices are on average about 10-20% lower compared to the 2019 season. There are hotels and apartments that have kept the same prices, but most still lowered the prices by the mentioned percentage.
Some accommodation owners used the break in work to renovate their facilities and improve the service, so they have now raised their prices accordingly.
We will see if there will be any changes in about a month, when it will be clearer what kind of season awaits us. If demand becomes massive, prices will remain the same, but if there is not enough demand, prices will surely fall as time goes on.
On the links below you can see the apartments and hotels by region, for the beginning of July. Accommodations are ranked from most affordable to most expensive.

The price in the examples below refers to the period of 1.7. to 10.7. for a family of four. The price includes the use of air conditioning.

The cheapest accommodation on Thassos is € 350 for ten days. See here what objects with this price look like:

The cheapest apartment in Sithonia for the same period and number of people is also 35 € per day, or 350 € for ten days. See here such objects.

The cheapest apartment in Lefkada for a family of four at the beginning of July is 42 € per day
See here

In Kassandra, the lowest price for an apartment is 35 € per day, see here, while in Athos 50 € per day, click here.

Accommodation prices in the Thessaloniki region are slightly lower, so the lowest price in that period is four € 30 per day (in Stavros)
Check out here that accommodation and other cheap apartments in Stavros, Nea Vrasni and Asprovalti.

The prices of similar apartments in Kavala and its surroundings (Nea Peramos, Nea Iraklitsa) cost 45 € at the beginning of July. See here.

In Kefalonia, the prices are a bit higher, so a family of four should set aside at least € 670 for ten days of summer vacation at the beginning of July.
See here the most affordable accommodation in Kefalonia.

The cheapest accommodation in Vrahos is priced at € 60 per day in that period and for the same number of people. See here, while in Parga you can find an apartment for 50 € per day. See here.

How do you feel about the prices?

If you decide to book accommodation for this summer, do not think that hotels and apartments are completely empty and that everything is available. Thousands of bookings from last year have been transferred for this one, so there are some houses (the most popular ones) in which many deadlines have already been filled.

Of course, the choice of available apartments and hotels is more than large, so you can browse and choose in peace and without too much haste.
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