For many people holiday starts with preparations and traveling to the destination. In order to make a trip to Greece enjoyable, to not be overwhelmed an to arrive safely, it is recommended to make frequent breaks or overnight stay on a halfway. The possibilities of accommodation on the way to Greece are in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

In Serbia, the best decision for taking a break would be in some of the southern towns, such as Vranje and Vladicin Han. In these small towns, you can have lunch and accommodation at much more affordable price than in motels Predejane and Dzep. If you are not in a rush, we recommend you to visit Vlasina Lake. It’s 30km away from the Vladicin Han’s junction on a highway, but it takes about 50 minutes to drive there, because of a curvy, but good road. The beauty of this lake is breathtaking. If you want to go for a lunch in Vlasina, you can visit the restaurant Narcis, which offers accommodation too. Also, you can go for a lunch in Surdulica town. If you are an adventurer, you can continue your way to Greece through Vlasina and Bulgaria (there are two borders at Vlasina). For information about the route through Vlasina to Greece, click here
If this is too much adventure for you, you can return to Vladicin Han and get on the highway at the same point where you get off the highway at first.

Those who wanted to avoid crowds at the border Presevo and went to the Prohor Pčinjski border, say that a night in Prohor Pčinjski Monastery (see attached picture) it is a very good and affordable solution. You would be surprised how much this monastery keep up with the modern way of life (internet connection is available, although you would not expect it in such a place). Also, the food and drinks they serve are really above all expectations. However, yes, there is no crowd at the border Prohor, but the driving will be delayed due to a very bad road, so we recommend this way only if you enjoy the slow ride through the new areas.

About accommodation in Macedonia, a good choice in our opinion is the hotel Pamela in Negotino. At 490km from Belgrade, this hotel offers a swimming pool, affordable prices and breakfast. For more information about the hotel, see here.
Another option that most of the tourists choose is a night at Dojran where you have a great choice of apartments and restaurants.

For those who want and enjoyment on their overnight stops, and not only room to sleep, we recommend Popova Kula in Demir Kapija. It’s a winery and a hotel with a beautiful restaurant. Surrounded by vineyards and perfectly decorated, this hotel is a more expensive option for overnight stays in Macedonia, but certainly more interesting. Dinner with excellent wines, the possibility to visit the winery and buy quality wine, romantic dinner with music . Accommodation in this hotel needs to be booked in advance.

Hotel Romantik has been known for a long period of time as an option for overnight stay and meals, and you can read more about it here

If you are not looking for accommodation, but you want to make a break for lunch and you want to taste some traditional dishes, we recommend you to stop by in Veles, in the small restaurant Snupi and try some traditional food, like veleska pastrmajlija. It would be great for breakfast or for other meals.

In Greece, the best choice is to spend the night in Polikastro, not far from the border Evzoni, where there are several hotels with one, two and three stars (e.g Astro Hotel) or in Thessaloniki itself, which has a big number of hotels in all categories (we recommend you to book in advance hotel in Thessaloniki trough internet). One of the best hotels in Thessaloniki is Pella Hotel which is close to the city center. In the city center there are hotels El Greco and Olimpia, which are a bit expensive and the Esperia Hotel with average prices.

If you are traveling through Bulgaria, let’s say to Thasos, what we recommend, then the best choice is to spend the night in Bansko. A huge selection of hotels and affordable prices, but also a very nice place are the reason why more and more people decide to spend the night right here. You can read more here.

If you go to the Ionian coast over the border crossing at Bitola, then Bitola is the right choice for accommodation. A lively and very interesting place, with a nice promenade and a decent selection of hotels and restaurants.

Overnight stays in the total amount, range from 30 to 100 euros depending on the size of the room or apartment, the dates you travel and the categories of accommodation you have chosen. Although these prices are not low, the safety of you and your family/friends is priceless, and the rested driver will surely arrive safely to the destination, from the one who, without a break, or only with a short break, is driving from Serbia to Thasos.

Cmprehensive Touris Guide you can find HERE. Choose destination and read all you are interested about in it.