Dear members and guests,
After Thasos and Sithonia, we have secured discounts for you at several establishments in North Macedonia for all those who are guests of the agency Nikana, members of the Facebook page, or members of the Live from Greece group.

We will strive to update the list.

To claim the discount, it is sufficient to show that you are a guest or a member of the NIKANA groups (membership is free, simply like the page or join the group). Alternatively, you can show the blue discount card or a picture from this blog post on your mobile phone.

Where in Macedonia can you avail the discount?

Belov Studios offer a 10% discount for our members.

This is a brand new accommodation, first opened in 2022. The accommodation consists of two studios for four people. You can view their Facebook page HERE.

They are located 30km away from Evzoni and just one kilometer from the exit for Demir Kapija. The accommodation features a courtyard, private parking with video surveillance, and WiFi. The prices for this season - 2023 have been reduced by 10% and are as follows: 45€ for 2 people, 50€ for 3 people, and 55€ for 4 people. Breakfast is included in the price.

Children up to 3 years old stay for free, while those from 3 to 8 years old pay 2€ and those from 9 to 15 years old pay 6€.

Staying in Demir Kapija is a good choice because it is close to the border, and you can start your journey towards Evzoni when you see on the webcam that there is no congestion at the border.

Sermeninski Čardak on Mount Kožuf grants discounts to our guests and all those who follow us on social media. The restaurant is located 18km away from Gevgelija and is situated on the Kožuf mountain.

The ethno house and restaurant Sermeninski Čardak have an offer for all Serbian tourists traveling to Greece and stopping by the restaurant for lunch or dinner. They also offer a 10% discount on the purchase of local products (jam, forest fruit juices, wine, rakija, ajvar, ljutenica, honey, cheese…)

For every lunch or dinner (minimum 25 euros) the restaurant offers complimentary coffee, dessert, and a discount on accommodation, as well as a 10% discount on local products.

The discounted prices for accommodation are:

  • 6 euros for adults
  • 2.5 euros for children
  • 10 euros for pets
    Families with children with special needs (disabilities) receive a complimentary overnight stay with a paid lunch or dinner.

The restaurant serves Macedonian national dishes, grill specialties, pork, veal, and game roasts, homemade organic forest juices, cheese, ajvar, ljutenica, jam, domestic wines, and rakija. The prices in the restaurant are also lower than in other restaurants, and the owner says that their guests are mostly our people. The food in the restaurant is homemade, and they grow vegetables themselves or buy them from local producers.

Through the Facebook page at the link below, you can order to have pies, banitsa, and specialty dishes cooked under the “sač”, as well as accommodation and local products. Contact them by clicking here: SermeninskiCardak.

Restaurant Cream in Gevgelija offers a 10% discount. You can contact them through their Facebook page by clicking here: Restaurant Cream, where you can also view the menu at the top of the page. Address: Marshal Tito 192, Gevgelija.
Contact phone: +389 77 814 477.

Hotel Pamela

The hotel, which has been completely renovated and decorated in a very modern style, has a gym and a private outdoor pool and offers our guests a 10% discount. It is located in the town of Negotino and has a restaurant and café on a large covered veranda. There is also a winery near the hotel. The restaurant offers excellent food at very affordable prices, so if you are not staying overnight, it is worth stopping by for lunch or dinner. Find out more about Hotel Pamela here. Address: Marshal Tito, Negotino 1440. Phone: +389 76 337 750.

On our website, you can find the discounts we have secured for you at destinations in Greece: Discounts in Thasos and Discounts in Sithonia.

If you are looking for accommodation, take a look at: FIRST/LAST minute DISCOUNTS.