What is Neoi Pori like?

Neoi Pori is a charming seaside resort in the region of Mount Olympus. It is particularly beloved by parents with children due to its incredibly long and wide sandy beach. The sea is shallow, making it perfect for the little ones.

The town has everything needed for a fulfilling vacation: a vast and spacious promenade, shops, supermarkets, a children’s amusement park with electric toys, restaurants, boutiques, fast food eateries, medical centers, a pharmacy, cafes, and beach bars. Market day is on Friday. The tap water is drinkable and comes from Mount Olympus, and during hot days, a refreshing and pleasant breeze always blows from this mountain.

The color of the sea may not be as turquoise as in Halkidiki, but it is crystal clear and waveless. Occasionally, it may become clouded during the busy season or develop some seaweed, but for the most part, it remains calm and transparent.

The town itself is a classic tourist destination with numerous rental accommodations. The streets are wide, making it one of the rare resorts in northern Greece that doesn’t have parking problems.

Near Nei Pori, you can visit the Old Panteleimon Village, Dion, Mount Olympus, Litochoro, Bath of Zeus, and a bit further away, the Meteora. In Leptokaria, there is a LIDL supermarket (about ten kilometers away), and between Platamon and Leptokaria, there are beautiful beaches with fewer crowds (for example, Skotina).

There is also a hidden beach called Amos, and for directions on how to get there and what to expect, take a look here.

Accommodation in Nei Pori is more affordable compared to Halkidiki and Thassos, making it a great choice for a budget-friendly vacation in a place suitable for children.

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