Many parents ask us for advice on choosing a destination for a vacation with their baby. Greece, as a destination rich in possibilities, provides ideal conditions for family travel. However, in order to fully enjoy, it is important to carefully plan and consider several key factors.
Destination selection:
-Places with beautiful sandy beaches and shallow waters with natural shade.
-Places with not too much crowding on the beach and in the town.
-Places with a promenade where you can comfortably stroll with a stroller in the evening.
Travel timing:
-Consider weather conditions and distance to the destination.
-We advise avoiding the hottest part of summer.
-Plan frequent breaks during the journey.
Accommodation selection:
When choosing accommodation, it is important to balance comfort for parents and safety for the baby.
-The accommodation should be close to the beach.
-Choose family accommodation with a studio/apartment where a crib can be placed.
-The accommodation should have a fenced yard with shade and be far from main roads.

Which places in Greece are suitable for a vacation with a baby that we recommend?

Vourvourou, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Vourvourou in Sithonia has a long coastline with natural shade, and most of the yards lead directly to the beach. The beach has fine sand, shallow waters, and occasional shade, making it ideal for young children. The safety of children is ensured by the absence of roads between the beach and accommodation.
Place Vourvourou
Accommodation in Vourvourou

Toroni, Sithonia, Halkidiki

A large sandy beach and playgrounds on the beach are a perfect combination for young children. The beach is long enough to avoid crowding, and in certain parts (in the middle), there is natural shade. The days are long due to the western coast, providing enjoyment in warm sea and sunsets. There is a seaside path for walks.
Place Toroni
Accommodation in Toroni

Stavros, Thessaloniki Region

Located at the foot of the mountain, Stavros is known as a spa town due to the beneficial combination of sea vapors and clean air. The beach has sand and shallow waters, and the plane trees provide natural shade. The town offers plenty of activities for all generations, a Luna park and toys for children, and a wide range of shops - providing a convenient choice with all the amenities for a quality vacation.
Place Stavros
Accommodation in Stavros

Siviri, Kassandra, Halkidiki

Siviri has a long sandy beach with shallow waters - ideal for families with babies. There is partial natural shade along the coast. Along the beach, there is a paved walkway illuminated by lanterns, suitable for long walks. The place is small but has all the necessary amenities for a peaceful family vacation.
Place Siviri
Accommodation in Siviri

Pachis Beach, Thassos

Pachis Beach is the favorite among families with children because it is surrounded by pine trees, providing natural shade and allowing little ones to play freely all day, protected from the sun. The beach has fine sand and shallow waters.
Place Pachis
Accommodation in Pachis

Skala Potamia, Thassos

Skala Potamia is known as an ideal destination for peaceful, family vacations. The beach is sandy both on the shore and in the water, and it is known for its shallowness, making it a favorite among families with young children for splashing around. There is natural shade in certain areas. Enjoy cool nights and pleasant climate.
Place Skala Potamia
Accommodation in Skala Potamia

Useful advice for traveling with a baby:
Destination: Reduce travel time by choosing closer destinations.
Health insurance: Ensure health insurance for all family members.
Regular breaks: Take frequent breaks during the journey for the baby to rest.
Overnight stay on the way: Consider overnight accommodation on the way to Greece to reduce travel fatigue.
Accommodation with a backyard: Choose accommodation with comfortable apartments and a backyard, preferably close to beaches with natural shade.
Sun protection: Avoid direct exposure of the baby to the sun between 9 am and 6 pm.
Avoiding peak season: If possible, avoid traveling during the peak season to avoid crowds and excessive sunlight.

Take a look at our text on how to properly prepare for a vacation with a baby. Follow these tips and get ready for a relaxed and safe vacation with the whole family.
Vacation with a baby - everything you need to know

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