In our Guide to Epir, you will find a plethora of information about vacationing in the region of Epirus. From travel tips, detailed descriptions of each place, the most beautiful beaches, to shopping and restaurant recommendations. Everyone can create their own vacation plan according to their taste and preference.

However, it is best to hear the experiences of other people told in their own words.

Below is the experience of our guest Maria, who described her vacation in Vrahos in the early season (first half of June) of the year 2024.

“Dear all, we have just returned from our vacation, we traveled through your agency and we are very satisfied. I am writing to you here because I do not use other social networks, so here are some information and impressions.

We stayed in Vrahos, at the Mirto Hotel. We were very pleased with the hotel, it is very clean and tidy, freshly renovated. The service is excellent, the staff is very friendly, always ready to assist with anything we needed. The food is delicious and plentiful. We were located next to a supermarket, so everything was close and accessible. Vrahos is quite empty in the first half of June (which suited us for peace and quiet). There are more people on weekends because Greeks come, but the beach is so large that it doesn’t feel crowded. There are not many events in Vrahos, making it ideal for those who come by car, as they can visit nearby places.

We visited Corfu, Lefkada, Parga, and Preveza.

For the trip to Corfu, it is best to go on your own. There are agencies from Parga that organize trips to Corfu, but they charge much more. The trip from Parga to Corfu costs 40€ per person (without the boat to Vido island). It is more cost-effective (for those who come by car) to go to Igoumenitsa and take the boat to Corfu from there. The ticket is 10€ one way. It is best to buy a one-way ticket so you are not obligated to return with the same boat and can determine your own return time. The ticket for the boat to Vido island is 5€ for a round trip. It is best to start early to have more time in the beautiful city of Corfu (Kerkyra).
The Serbian House in Corfu closes at 2 pm, so it is another reason to start early. Entry is free, but a contribution can be left.
The mausoleum on Vido island also closes early, so it is better to visit the island and the Serbian House upon arrival in Corfu, leaving the rest of the time for the city itself.
The boat trip from Igoumenitsa to Corfu takes an hour and 45 minutes, and it takes 45 minutes by car from Vrahos to Igoumenitsa. However, anyone vacationing in this region should visit Corfu, it is truly worth it.

Parga is beautiful but more expensive than Vrahos and Preveza. The town beach is very small and always crowded, so it is best to explore the surrounding beaches.
In the center of Parga, there is an old olive oil factory (turned into a museum). The ticket price is 5€, and the tour lasts 30-40 minutes. We were thrilled with the museum, especially the tasting of various types of olive oil. We learned that Greece does not have commercial olive oil factories, only small private ones, for quality reasons. Therefore, it is better to buy oil from the factory rather than supermarkets. We found a private factory near Preveza, they produce excellent oil and a liter of oil costs 9€ (which is much cheaper than in Serbia).

In Lefkada, we visited wild beaches. Of course, Porto Katsiki was our first choice. The beach is beautiful, with small white pebbles and turquoise water. The water is slightly cooler than in Vrahos. There is no shade on the beach, so it is best to bring your own umbrella for those who cannot handle direct sunlight. The parking fee is 7€, and then you descend to the beach via stairs.
We also visited Milos beach. This is for the more adventurous as the beach is very inaccessible. The journey to it takes about 20 minutes on foot through hills and rocks, it is very steep, narrow, and not very safe, but the beach itself is magical.

Near Preveza, there are ancient sites that can be visited.

The Old Town of Nikopolis, the entrance fee is 8€, and it is best to drive to each fortification to avoid walking in the sun.

Another site is the Necromanteion. The ticket price is 6€.

And finally, in our opinion, Vrahos has the most beautiful beach.

Perhaps this information will be useful to someone, so feel free to share it with your users.
Thank you once again for the cooperation, we are very satisfied and will definitely work together on our next vacations.

Warm regards from Belgrade.”

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