Porto Katsiki beach is located in the southwest of Lefkada.
It is about 40km away from the capital city, and 15km away from Vasiliki. This beach can be seen on every postcard of Lefkada, and it’s among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, as well as in the world. This beach is a trademark of the island and the reason why many tourists come to visit Lefkada.

The beach can be reached by boat from Nidri and Vasiliki, or by the road. You can rent a private boat from Vasiliki and Nidri and for 50-80e you can visit the beach with your captain. There are numerous organised excursions to the beach from Vasiliki and Nidri too. A trip to the beach Porto Katsiki is usually incorporated in the trip to the beaches Egremni and Agiofili. This excursion costs 15-20e from Vasiliki and 20-25e from Nidri. There are also large boats riding from Nidri, and except these three beaches, they are sailing to the nearby islands (Kefalonia, Ithaca, Scorpios…) and these excursions cost 20-35e per person.

Before you make a decision about any of these options, you should first pay attention to several things. If you are renting a private boat, first check if it is windy and wavy and prearrange with the captain what will happen with the money on the occasion that you won’t be able to disembark because of the strong wind. If you choose one of the other two options, check how long you will stay on the mentioned beaches and if you are just passing by or you will disembark. It could happen that you see some beach from 200m away and just move on, or come by just for 30-40 minutes, which could only take you to disembark and embark on the boat. Be well informed about the details to avoid unpleasant surprises. Keep in mind that ships are crowded, and that often several ships come at the same time at Porto Katsiki or Egremni and the crowd is unbearable. Additionally, do not agree to the first offered price for the organized excursions. Bargaining over the price of the excursion is a common thing on Lefkada.

If you go to the beach by car, you can expect a long, slow ride through the narrow curvy roads. At some spots the passing of two cars, one next to another, is hardly possible. Fortunately, there are several parking spaces next to the beach where you can park your car. The price of parking for the whole day is 3-5e. Next to the parking there are few canteens where you can buy food or drinks. We suggest that you do the buying before going down to the beach, because even if there are about 50 steps, going up and down at the temperature of 40 degrees is not pleasant at all. It is possible to order food on the beach from the canteens next to the parking. The prices in the canteens on the beach Porto Katsiki are higher than the ones in the city, so we suggest that you bring food and drinks with you. Even though there are sunbeds and parasols on the beach, they are mostly reserved, therefore it’s better to bring your own equipment. By the middle of the day a larger part of the beach is under the shadow of the rocks in the back, while after that a parasol is necessary. The most beautiful part of the day on the Porto Katsiki beach is the one before the sunset and the very sunset. In that period there is no crowd, and the sky blushes and gets all shades from yellow to purple color, so the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy.

There is cobble and small stones at the beach, and except being beautiful and round, they could pinch, especially when you are going out of the water, so water sandals can be useful. There is no shoal, and the depth is starting right after a meter or two, so you should pay attention to children and non-swimmers. The waves are common, they could be large, and there are no lifeguards, so caution is necessary.

Porto Katsiki is not a small beach, but being relatively easy to approach (no walking and not with a lot of steps) it’s largely visited and in the season it could be crowded. In high season it would be the best to come here early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Going to the beach Porto Katsiki and Egremni is demanding because of a long curvy road, so you should be prepared to listen to the drivers complaining about the ride, if you are not the driver. :)

And don’t forget that there is only one gas station on the west coast (nearby Agios Nikitas)! Before coming here, fill the tank.

Watch a video clip from this fantastic beach on our YouTube channel.