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International Lighthouse Day

An international lighthouse day is a worldwide event celebrated on the August 19 each year, even in Greece. For this occasion, 27 lighthouses in different destinations in Greece will be open to visitors between 10am and 8pm. If you are willing to visit one of these, here is a list of some, placed close to the most popular spots our guests choose for their vacation (all are marked on google

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First time in Greece

When I asked members of a group Live from Greece when was the first time you visited Greece, I received countless responses.

I’ve selected some of them for you, and the rest can be found here.

“Neoi Poroi, for the first time in 2014. Before that, as a little child, I was in Montenegro, but I hardly remember that period, and after, every piece of Greece was an experience itself and the

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Celebration of the Virgin Mary in famous resorts

We mentioned these days that the Virgin Mary holiday is very significant in Greece. It is celebrated on August 15th and in many places in Greece then are organised “panigiri”, something like a fair in Serbia.
The celebration of this holiday begins after the liturgy, and the churches dedicated to the Holy Mother of God also have a service for all present.
If you are in Greece on the 15th of August,

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Paradise near Nei Pori

Every summer, a large number of Serbian tourists ride on vacation across the beautiful Greek beaches and mostly finish their journey in the northern part of Greece which is closest to us, some 150 to 200 kilometers from Evzoni, on Chalkidiki or in the Olympic region or on the nearest island, Thassos. The rest goes a little longer, reaching Parga, Corfu and Lefkada, and the bravest ones go to visit

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Summer Holiday: By One Daddy

If you are tired of “service information” like is there Lidl, are mosquitoes there, where to go when the waves are big, here’s one text for you, written at the beginning of 2017.
I’m sure many of you will recognize themselves in it …

And so … now it’s official, this year we are not going on a vacation together with kids. After almost 24 years, Danijela Ristic and I are alone

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Funny article about Serbian tourists

Here’s how a tourist divided Serbian tourists into groups. The division was made based on comments in the Facebook group Live from Greece.
The division caused hundreds and hundreds of comments, and it was also published in some dailies. The author of the division, Andrija Ristic, wrote that he belongs to the group Thassos.

“By reading posts and comments, I find that our tourists, according to the criterion of stagnation and

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The Elani Beach - a hidden paradise in Kassandra

During our stay in Kallithea, Kassandra, we prefer to swim at the end of the beach. That part that leads to Kriopigi is not as nice as the beach in front of the hotels Zeus or Margarita, but it’s cosier and not crowded. At the entrance to the sea, there are some big flat stones and rocks, but after them, the sea is a true paradise. There are also a

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Castri beach on Sithonia - escape from the crowd

Castri beach is only 3km from Nikiti and is a great place to escape from crowd. Especially small Castri beach.
It is not easy to find it because private homes have completely blocked access, but if you do a little effort, you will see a trail between two private yards leading to the beach.

There is no crowd in August, just some tourists. The sea is crystal clear because there are pebbles