Nova Godina i Božić u Solunu i Atini

New Year and Christmas in Thessaloniki and Athens

Celebrate Christmas in Greece?

We wrote that New Year’s Eve in Greece is not that important, and Greeks traditionally spent New Year’s Eve in their homes with their families.

However, the big cities in Greece like Athens and Thessaloniki are full of tourists and are definitely a good choice to visit during New Year and Christmas.

If you are planning to visit Thessaloniki and Athens during the New Year and Christmas holidays,


The best Greek dishes not to be missed

Greek traditional cuisine is rich in very tasty and varied specialties. There are differences in the preparation of certain dishes in different part of Greece, but we will list what you must try regardless of the region in which you are vacationing.

The best traditional Greek dishes

The most famous Greek home cooked dishes are:


When it comes to homemade dishes, then of course you should try the Greek moussaka. **We

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TAG for traveling through Greece, Serbia and North Macedonia - where to buy and how much it costs

The quickest option to get to the sea is if you use “toll passes” to pass the toll automatically, known as TAG**.** This will save you a lot of time, especially in the season when there are big lines at toll booths. We will write some of our experiences in this article, so we hope it will be helpful to you as well.

**Certainly, right from the beginning we urge you

popust na antigenski test

Special discount for antigen testing

For the summer season of 2022, we have prepared a special discount for antigen testing - only for members of our FB group Live from Greece and our companions.

Are you planning on traveling?

The chain of laboratories Aqualab and provided you with antigen testing at 30% discount, so instead of the regular price of RSD 1200, as our members you pay 840 dinars.

Aqualab is the largest laboratory chain in Serbia

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Pistachios from Greece - the highest quality in the world

Greece is mostly associated with holidays, beautiful beaches, good food, olives and feta cheese, but Greece is also known for pistachios. It’s not that familiar with us, but Greece is first in Europe and sixth in the world for pistachio exports.
Here’s an idea of what you shouldn’t miss while in Greece, but also to bring to your friends in Serbia - **pistachios from Aegina that are considered the best in

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Where is the best place to buy an apartment, house or apartment in Greece?

Of course, there is not only one correct answer to this question, but if a few important parameters are taken into account, then Nikiti, Sithonia is the answer.
Before you buy a property in Greece, you should think hard about the reason for the purchase, ie. whether you want to invest for the future, whether you want to rent it out immediately in order to get your money back and make

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Every year before the season starts in Greece, stories start buzzing, some in the media, some in social media how all the prices in Greece are gone up. This year, more than ever, the story is going through all the media, as the price hikes have not only affected Greece but the whole world.

Prices of some things have really gone up, but in the same level with the global pace.

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Summer holiday with baby

Vacationing with a baby has great benefits but also much bigger challenges than the holidays you were used to before you became parents. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity and season to rest and enjoy the charms of summer, good preparation and adaptation to the new circumstances can help you to make your holiday idyllic and memorable even with a small baby.

The baby’s arrival has changed a lot