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Annually more than 400 people drown in Greece. From the beginning of the season until August this year about 2 people per day drowned.

According to some statistics, these are mostly men between the age of 20 and 24, and in risk groups there are children up to 5 years and elderly.

On our planet, every 90 seconds one person drowns.

What I wanted to share with you is one very useful text

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Eratini, a Different Holiday

I suppose that a small number of our tourists have traveled to Eratini near Peloponnese, so here I can write my experience for those who think about that destination. So we started on this road without much information.

Eratini belongs to the Delphi region, close to the Peloponnese peninsula. The waves of the Ionian Sea sprinkled it. Since this is a barrier area, it often has moderate waves. I know that

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Vacation in Cyclades (Naxos)

Because of the great interest in vacation in Cyclades, that is not offered by the agencies, I am writing my experience to you.
I arranged accommodation on my own, without agency.

You can travel there by plane from Athens or by boat also from Athens. Port Piraeus. I chose the other option. I bought the tickets for the ship via the Internet. You get the reservation and then you can pick up