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Western Union

WESTERN UNION - money transfer to Greece

How to transfer the money to Greek bank account without paying high commissions, find out HERE

Sending money to Greece via Western Unions is very simple and the owner of the accommodation to whom you sent it can withdraw it only few minutes after.

For this way of money transfer you don’t need to have a bank account, neither the owner.

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How to fill in the PLF and the most frequently asked questions

As of March 15th 2022 the PLF form has been abolished, so you are not obliged to fill it in before entering Greece.

Since May 1, life in Greece has returned to normal.
This means that from May 1, all tourists coming to Greece will not have to show an EU green certificate when entering the country, nor will they have a negative test, and the measure of showing a Covid-pass for

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Is it forbidden to move between places in Greece?

** Greece opened its borders to tourists from EU on April 19th. **
What is important to know is that this is a trial opening of borders, and not the official start of the summer tourist season.
Strict measures to suppress the epidemic are still in force in Greece, so everyone who travels to Greece these days should adhere to them as the local population adheres.
It is understood that in this period,

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Greece to open 9 airports for flights from EU and 5 other countries on April 16

Greek media report on the lifting of restrictions on arrivals in Greece from abroad, but do not refer to any official source.

According to them, Greece plans to gradually lift restrictions on arrivals from abroad and open 9 airports for flights from the European Union and 5 other non-member countries, from Friday, April 16, while some media report that it will be applied from Tuesday.
The official goal remains that the full