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Memory of childhood and beautiful Greece

Author of the text: Darko Antić

Ever since in 1976, me and my sister Aleksandra, my father and mother put into the newly-acquired deep yellow car (Zastava 101) along with the huge brown leather case, over-filled and barely closed orange portable fridge and told us in the dawn, that we were going to go to the sea in one foreign and beautiful country, called Greece, and in the place Stavros, and

the old  panteleimon village (1)

The Old Panteleimon Village

Text: Predrag Dimitrijevic

Photos: Predrag Dimitrijevic

Tonight we climbed 700 meters above sea level to feel the true traditional Greece in the 15th-century pastoral village, the Old Panteleimon.

This village was submerged under the peaks of the powerful Olympus and in 2003 it was declared a national heritage. Stone houses, cobbled streets, platan protected by law, stone church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, and many shops and taverns that surround it give this village

memorijalni kompleks zrtvama  prvog svetskog rata  (5)


Author: Predrag Dimitrijević

When you enter Greece, fifteen kilometers from Evzoni, you probably have noticed a church on the top of a hill and a monument below. Many Serbian tourists are just rushing to the sea and they are not thinking what is there. And what is it about …

It is a memorial complex for the victims of the First World War, and this complex is made of a monument to

bath of zeus

Bath of Zeus

The text author: Predrag Dimitrijevic

If you find yourself in some of resorts under Olimp, be sure to visit the canyon, the source of the Enipeas River and the Bath of Zeus. Take a walk in Litohoro, the place nearby these beauties!

The legend says that Zeus was looking for such hidden places to enjoy with his lovers, but out of reach of his wife Hera! The legend also says that in

painted pebbles (1)

Painting on the stone for a smile

Predrag Dimitrijevic paints on the small stones and leaves them on the beach. He is very happy when somebody finds one.

In a post on Facebook public group Live from Greece, he explains:

“Here are some greek motives that I am painting on small stones and leave them on the beach. I can see how happy are the people when they find one, especially children…this makes me very happy!

And this year I

požar na atici

Fire in Attica

After the floods in Nikiti and the surrounding area, we thought that nothing else will upset us this summer, but something worse happened.

The fire in the vicinity of Athens took many lives, and many people came to grief.

The Greek people are incredibly solidary, not only when disasters happen to them, but also to other nations. From the very announcement of a catastrophic fire, they began to collect food and medical



Author of the text: Ivan Milicnic

We have already talked about the travel insurance and how it is one of the things that you should definitely have with you while traveling. The medications that doctors prescribe you while you are on holiday are usually covered by the insurance. When you buy them you should pay for them and when you get back to Serbia apply for the refund. There is also