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Rila Monastery Bulgaria

Many of our guests asked us to recommend places to visit in Bulgaria on their way to Greece. If you are travelling by car for this summers Greek vacation and would like to explore Bulgaria’s rich cultural history along the way we suggest taking a detour through Bulgaria to visit the monastery of Saint John of Rila, better known as the Rila Monastery, along the way.

Why? Because this monastery is

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Summer with children

We often get a request to recommend places in Greece that are the best for holidays to children. This means that the destination should not be far away, how the ride would not be too long. The beach in the village should be sandy and with a long shoal. Some parents want a place to have a lot of content for children, toys, Luna Park and so on.

We would always

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Weddings in greece

Greece is on the list of the most popular European countries for weddings. Many consider it a romantic destination because of its natural beauty and attractive seaside ambience, as well as specific traditional customs.

Santorini is the most popular place for a romantic wedding but many other islands such as Thassos, Corfu, Rhodes, and Lekfada are popular as well.

In order to get married in Greece you do not need to be

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