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monastery of st arhangel mihail and holy water alyki thassos  (2)
Published October 8, 2018 1 comment

Monastery St. Archangel Michail and The Holy Spring

Monastery Saint Arcahngel is located 15km far from Potos, on the cliff,which has fantastic view of the sea and Athos. This monastery was very important for history of Thassos and I think it deserves to write a little about it. The monastery is significant primarily because of the holy pin...

panagia monastery thassos greece 1
Published May 7, 2009 1 comment

The Panagia monastery

Monastery of Panagia is located on the way to Maries. Before the village of Maries, you will see the signs for right turn to the monastery. As I mentioned in a post before, road to Maries is very nice, because of really beautiful olive groves and beautiful nature in...

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Published June 12, 2011 6 comments

Kazaviti and Saint Panteleimon monastery

Kazaviti is one of the oldest villages on Thassos. You can not see it from the shore, and therefore is the only place that the pirates have not robbed, since they did not even know existed. In the past, it was divided into two parts (small and large): Megalo...

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Published October 19, 2015 no comments


Zagori consists 46 villages. The name "Zagori" is Slavic and means "beyond the mountains". The architecture of all villages is defined by stone and wood, what you can notice on photos. Villages of Zagori are built in the area of Tinfi, Pindos, and Mitsikelli, so the nature of this area...