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A circle arround the island, Part 2 1
Updated March 8, 2018 3 comments

A circle arround the island, Part 2

We continue our circle around the island. We have reached the Blue Palace hotel and are moving on to Scala Maries (Marion). It is 4 km from Trypiti. We approach the scale and instead of passing it by turning right, we continue moving forward in order to pass through the...

A circle around the island, Part 1 1
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A circle around the island, Part 1

This post started as an idea of a sort of a guidance you could use on your vacation, without too many details or photos… I will write a special post about each of the places I recommend visiting over the next few days. This is just a practical and...

Circle around the island, part 3 14
Updated January 23, 2018 no comments

Circle around the island, part 3

We're arrived in Limenas, the capital of the island. It is the biggest town on the island, with the largest facilities for tourists. I suggest you to come to this city in the early evening to enjoy long walks and a wide promenade along the coast. Limenas is crowded...

monastery of st arhangel mihail and holy water alyki thassos  (2)

Monastery Saint Arcahngel is located 15km far from Potos, on the cliff,which has fantastic view of the sea and Athos. This monastery was very important for history of Thassos and I think it deserves to write a little about it. The monastery is significant primarily because of the holy pin...

Giola Natural Swimming Pool 1
Updated November 5, 2018 18 comments

Giola Natural Swimming Pool

They say that God has been very generous when gave the Thassos its nature.

One of the most beautiful natural gifts is the rock pool, Giola.

The pool is located quite close to the sea. The color of water is crystal clear and...

waterfalls in kastro limenaria thassos  (3)
Updated October 5, 2018 1 comment

Waterfalls in Kastro

Castro is 16km from Limenaria. The road to Kastro is new and asphalted on 2015. During the summer in the village one tavern is open, so it has become almost a tradition to get to it in order to get instructions for going to the waterfall. The owner of...

Drakotrypa   Zmajeva pećina u blizini Panagije 05
Updated August 21, 2018 8 comments


Author of the article: Bratislav Najdanović Dragon's cave in Panagia (Drakotrypa–Δρακότρυπα). Before every trip, we like to prepare well and study as much informations as we can. We searched on the internet informations containing the word Thassos and ran into this. Very interesting, we haven't seen this anywhere and all the...

cruising thassos  (12)
Updated August 20, 2018 12 comments

Boat Trip

Boat cruises are a very popular way to learn more about Thassos. Boats that take maximum 60 people depart from Limenaria and Potos around 9am and the arrival is around 5pm. You will have fun during the cruise, see Giola (natural pool carved into the rocks), monastery, Aliki beach, wild bays....

grcko vece u teologosu thassos 3
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Excursioas on Thassos

On the Thassos island the are a few excursions organized by local agencies. First and the most popular is the cruise around the island. There are a few boats that start from Potos, Limenaria and Limenas. The excursion lasts from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and the trip is all...