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roso gremos beach thassos
Published August 17, 2017 no comments

First time on Thassos

If it is your first time to spend your vacation on Thassos, we guess that you would like to visit the most beautiful beaches and the most popular places, actually the best of Thassos. if you are not a fan of long rides during a vacation, we have published...

take time for palataki and metalia beach limenaria thassos  (2)
Published November 8, 2015 no comments

Take some time for Palataki and Metalia beach

Palataki is a symbol of Limenaria. The building that looks like an old castle was actually an administrative building of the German company Speidel who exploited iron ore from Thassos during World War II. It was built in 1903. and German company withdrew 1963. The building is currently being...

The Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael Thassos 3
Published November 8, 2015 9 comments

Monastery of St. Archangel Michael and the Holy Nail

The presence, miracles, and the importance of the monastery of St. Archangel Michael on Thasos are connected with the history of the holy nail which was in Christ’s right hand. In fourth century, mother of Constantine the Great decided to build churches in all of the places that were...

kazaviti and st panteleimon monastery  (1)
Published June 12, 2011 6 comments

Kazaviti and Saint Panteleimon monastery

Kazaviti is one of the oldest villages on Thassos. You can not see it from the shore, and therefore is the only place that the pirates have not robbed, since they did not even know existed. In the past, it was divided into two parts (small and large): Megalo...

Maries Lake 1
Published May 8, 2009 7 comments

Maries Lake

On this island there are many sources of fresh water. Most of them are in the village of Panagia, but almost every village has at least one source. It is not so many of islands in Greece.

Source of mountain water in Panagia, below the sycamore...

Giola Natural Swimming Pool 1
Published May 8, 2009 18 comments

Giola Natural Swimming Pool

They say that God has been very generous when gave the Thassos its nature.

One of the most beautiful natural gifts is the rock pool, Giola.

The pool is located quite close to the sea. The color of water is crystal clear and...

Ipsarion Summit 1
Published May 8, 2009 2 comments

Ipsarion Summit

Ipsarion is the highest peak on Thassos (1204)

The reason why it took me so long to write a post about it is that I have never climbed it :) Not because I don’t like adventures, but during summer I’m usually very busy, and when I...

panagia monastery thassos greece 1
Published May 7, 2009 1 comment

The Panagia monastery

Monastery of Panagia is located on the way to Maries. Before the village of Maries, you will see the signs for right turn to the monastery. As I mentioned in a post before, road to Maries is very nice, because of really beautiful olive groves and beautiful nature in...