Kakovo Monastery is 9km from Ierissos and 24km from Ouranopolis and it’s the first pilgrim station on the way to the Hilandar monastery.

It spreads over a large property, consisting of two main buildings, a church, monastery workshops, pond and parking lot for visitors. Upon arrival, visitors are served with coffee and Turkish delight lokum. This monastery can also be visited by women.

People say that this property was donated to Hilandar by a Turk who was helped by a famous vine from Hilandar to start a family.

A large estate, olive groves, sawmill and workshops are in the service of Hilandar monastery. In fact, furniture and food for Hilandar are made in Kakovo.

Within the monastery, there’s also a shop where you can buy books, crosses etc.

If you’re spending summer vacation in Athos, we recommend a visit to Kakovo monastery.