Ierissos is the most popular tourist place on the east coast of Athos, the third finger of Halkidiki, at about 740km from Belgrade.

A place is small, with a very long beach and promenade. A peaceful, turquoise and clear sea, with a natural shade and no crowd, is perfect for resting and relaxation. The beach has a part with umbrellas and even more free space for visitors with their own equipment, changing rooms and showers. The sand is not that fine, the depth is gradual, but shallow is not long.

Ierissos has two big supermarkets, Masoutis and Lidl. The open market is every Tuesday, it’s excellently supplied, and prices are more affordable than in the supermarkets. Also, there are several restaurants and cafes, one discotheque, several stores, bakeries and pastry shops in one word, everything that is needed for pleasant, family holidays.

In the center of the city, there’s an aquarium, a nice and original detail interesting to tourists.

The promenade is more than 1km long, it’s nicely arranged, stretched along the coast and very pleasant for a walk. There’s no crowd even in a peak of the season.

One of the most beautiful beaches on Athos, Kakoudia, is a little bit out Ierissos, and we highly recommend it. Nea Rodha is also very close (6km), with all beautiful beaches like Legend, Voulitsa and Komitsa. If it’s windy in Ierissos, it’s not on the western coast. For days like these, we’ll recommend you to visit Ksiropotami beach (5,5km) on the west coast.

A ferry to the famous Ammouliani island from a small town called Trypiti (8km). This island is famous for its beautiful beaches and the sea, with the famous Alikes beach, considered to be one of the most beautiful in northern Greece. A visit to Ammouliani is probably one of the most beautiful excursions that you can organize for you and your family during your holiday in Athos. The island is also visited by tourists from Sithonia.

The popular Ouranopolis is 15km away, and in addition to the very clean sea, it’s also known as a starting point for tourist ships that cruise around the Holy Mountain. This cruise is another must during your vacation on Athos.

By choosing Ierissos, the most satisfied will be those who prefer a quiet vacation and crowdless beaches. From Ierissos towards Olympiada, you will plenty of big and small beaches to enjoy. For lovers of adventure, Athos is paradise.

During your stay at Athos, you should visit the Serbian monastery Kakovo and Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle.

As you can see, vacations at Athos can be quiet if you choose one place for a static holiday or very exciting if you like sightseeing and excursions.

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