Stavros, Paralia Vrasna, Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta belong to the Thessaloniki region in Central Macedonia. These very popular tourist resorts are flooded with tourists during the summer are a favourite choice for families and accommodation prices are more affordable than on the islands or Halkidiki.

The nearest town to Thessaloniki and Serbia is Stavros, 670-700km away depending on whether you choose the route through Bulgaria and Serbia. The difference is insignificant.

Stavros is a small town with two long beaches. Nested between surrounding hills covered with woods, Stavros represents an air spa due to the wind rose and microclimate. It’s located near the most beautiful beaches in this area like Babylon, Cuba, Zugla and Totos, easily compared with beaches on islands.

Paralia Vrasna and Nea Vrasna are two practically connected places. Both are small, but with plenty of accommodation facilities.

Asprovalta is a bigger place, alive throughout the year and a good choice for all looking for a comprehensive comfortable holiday.

All the mentioned places are located in Strimonikos Bay, nearly 12km long. This bay is spread practically along the entire length of beaches where everyone can find a perfect corner. The beaches in these places are sandy on the coast and in the sea, the depth is gradual, but with no shallows, and the waves are more frequent in Vrasna, Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta than in Stavros, because it’s slightly sheltered and usually without waves. Of course, the beaches around Olympiada are always there if you feel like a turquoise sea.

The places in this area have the advantage of being close to Thessaloniki (80-100km) and Kavala. Both cities are great for shopping and sightseeing. Stavros and Asprovalta have big supermarkets, and Lidl is on the highway near Nea Vrasna. Every Thursday a green market is in Stavros, and every Monday it’ between Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna. The markets are full of fruits, vegetables and other products, and more affordable than supermarkets.

All places are very close to each other and suitable for evening walks.

Among the nearby sights, you can visit the ancient Stagira (the birthplace of Aristotle) and Amphipolis, the Alistrati cave, the monastery of St. Lydia near Asprovalta, the sights in Kavala and Thessaloniki, as well as in the nearby Athos.

For more active tourists, Thasos is also not far away, because Kavala, a port for ferry Thassos, is 80km from Asprovalta.