Lichnos beach is located 4km southeast from Parga. The beach is not so crowded like local beach in Parga and Valtos beach are. Therefore the Lichnos beach is a good alternative for a peacefuly spent day. Lichnos is a pebbly beach, with a few taverns, campsite and a hotel by the beach. The depth is gradual, but there is no long shoal, so the depth starts just a few meters from the coast. The right side of the beach is more sandy, while the left side is with slightly bigger pebbles, so the beach sandals are necessary. Nearby the camp there is a natural shade, and sea is always clear and transparent.

The beach is arranged, with sunbeds and umbrellas. There is a volleyball net on the sand and also, this beach is offering a water sports. Showers and toilets are within cafes and restaurants. The set of two sunbeds and one umbrella costs 6e, and the sunbeds in the restaurant Coralli are free for their guests. In front of the luxurious hotel the set costs about 30e, because the sunbeds and umbrellas are of better quality. There is no enough space for all the visitors with their own equippment. Within the camp there is a mini-market. Both sides of the beach are clam and ideal for all the ones who don't like crowded beaches.

Parking exist within the taverns and it's free for their guests. There is no free parking space for the visitors who are not the guests of the taverns, so we recommend you to come here by a taxi boat or by regular taxi. First taxi boat starts from Parga at 10:00 and rides to the beach every half hour. The last taxi boat starts from the beach at 18:00. The one-way ticket price is 4,5e and the price of regular taxi is 8e regardlles of how many persons there are. The owners of the taverns are willing to call a taxi for you.

You could also come to the beach by walking a goat path through the olive groves. This takes about one hour. A walk could be very exhausting in the sun, especially on the way back when rise is higher. It is necessary to bring a water with you, if you decide to visit the Lichnos beach this way. To the surprise of many, halfway there is a small tavern with a pleasant, natural atmosphere and the path leads along the small church, which you could visit. It is better to take a taxi or a taxi boat on your way back.

The beach is located in the foothill and the road is winding.

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