Valtos beach is a 15-minute walk from Parga. In order to reach it, you should climb the hill where the Venetian fortress is, and from there you can go downhill to the beach. This walk can be exhausting if you are not in a good shape or if it’s too hot outside, and if you think that this walk won’t be good for you, you can take a taxi boat to drive you to the beach. The return ticket price is 6€ per person. Taxi boats depart every half an hour from 10 in the morning. If you like to walk, we recommend that you go to this beach by foot, because along the way you can visit the fortress which has beautiful view of Parga and the Valtos beach.

Valtos beach is more than 1km long and it’s quite wide, especially in the middle. It is gravelly, but when you enter the water there are tiny pebbles and after those the ground is sandy. The sand is finer on the right side of the beach. On the left side of the beach there are slightly larger stones, and stones and rocks can be seen in the water, so you need to be more careful. Of course, for all lovers of diving, this will be an interesting place. The sea is deep after 10 steps, so you should take care of children because there is no long shoal.

The beach is clean and the most of it is covered with sunbeds and parasols. There is space for those with their own equipment on the both sides of the beach. Along the beach you will find two mini-markets where you can buy drinks or food for more affordable prices than in those that are located near the beach. Also, during the day you will see the vendor with drinks in a small fridge, whose prices are very affordable.

The prices for renting sunbeds and parasols vary from bar to bar, but in all bars, in addition to the ordered drink, the rental of a set is additionally paid from 10 to 20€. Of course, all cafes offer the use of toilets, showers, changing cabins, food service on the beach and the like.
There is a lifeguard on the beach every day, and there is also a city shower near him, so anyone can use it freely. You can certainly freely use the showers and cabins located on the beach, near the bars. Unfortunately, there is no natural shade on this beach.
If you like water sports, on this beach you can rent paddle boats, kayaks, paddle boards or ride a boat.

At the peak of the season the beach can be very crowded, but even then the water is very clear and transparent, and when the season ends, the beach Valtos represents the great contrast to the busy and noisy Parga. The beach is more crowded during the weekend when the locals also come to visit. It is better to avoid going to Valtos then, an instead you could visit the beach Lichnos, which is excellent choice, because it is more peaceful and also close to Parga.

From the beach, you can walk uphill to the fortress or to the monastery which is located on the opposite side of the hill. You can also visit the small church on the beach.

Along the beach there are lot of taverns with beautiful gardens and sea view, but also the accommodation facilities. Restaurants and cafes on this beach have slightly higher prices than the ones in Parga.

At the peak of the season you can have hard time finding a parking place, but since it is very close to Parga, it is better to come by foot or by taxi boat.

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