Kassandra on Halkidiki produces excellent honey, olive oil and cipuro (grape brandy).

The best known honey is the one produced in Agia Paraskevi and you can buy it on the spot from the manufacturer or in local stores.

On Kassandra you can also find excellent fruit jam produced in local plantations, homemade pasta and cakes.

Excellent wine from local autochthonous varieties and French grape varieties includes wine from Kassandra to famous wines in Greece.

Among the local traditional specialties are the most famous pies with spinach, stuffed vine leaves, various dishes from homemade pasta called trachana (stuffed chicken or trachana pie), sausages with orange …

If you like to cook or learn how to prepare some local dishes, you can attend cooking classes at the restaurant Sea of Tastes at Porto Valitsa. It’s necessary to sign up in advance.

This restaurant and café at Porto Valitsa is a place where you should come for a coffee or a drink because it is located in a very beautiful and picturesque place.

Of course, on Kassandra you can always enjoy greatly prepared fish and seafood. The place Nea Skioni is famous for its good fish taverns, as well as Possidi. Our recommendation for Possidi is Sidera Restaurant.

Some of the best taverns on Kassandra, according to local residents, are Bakalis in Pefkohori, Thea Thalassa in Afytos, Aelia in Nea Skionia, Villa Stasa in Agia Paraskevi (Loutra), Flegra in Polichrono, Vasilas in Possidi, Pohoda beach bar in Possidi, Zattero in Fourka, Diamantis in Siviri, Marina in Nea Potidea, Dias in Kallithea. In Pefkohori there is a great restaurant Tsapari.
One of our favorite restaurants is Archontiki in Agia Paraskevi. It is located near the center, and after 18:00 in the evening you can eat delicious lamb and other specialties from grill. Good prices, great portions, friendly staff, this restaurant has everything you need.

There is a restaurant with a beautiful view on Elani beach within Elani Bay Resort, as well as a café.

The owner of Kudu Bar in Mola Kaliva is from Serbia and it represents perfect place for a drink or some dessert in the peaceful atmosphere and natural surroundings of this café.