Sani is the first place on the west coast looking from Thessaloniki, 70km away. To begin with, it’s known for the famous Sani Resort, for many years the largest in Greece. This luxurious complex consists of several hotels and buildings along the beautiful beach, including a fantastically landscaped park, large marina for luxury yachts and a church.

Sani beach is one of the most beautiful in Kassandra. The sea is wonderfully turquoise and the sand is whitish, fine and soft like flour. Shoal is long, making this beach a paradise for families with children.

Unfortunately, most of the beach is available only to hotel guests. The only part that can be used by other visitors, is in front of café Anemos. The only free parking is also there, but in the high season, you should come as early as possible because it’s already overbooked at 9:00. Parking within the hotel is charged 20e per day. During the season, the only free parking space is often 400-500m away from the beach.

Out of season, beach loungers and umbrellas in café Anemos are not charged but obtained with drinks. During the season daily rent for wooden deckchair is 5e i.e 3e for the metal deckchair. Anemos has great music, and the atmosphere is always relaxed.

Within the complex, there’s a supermarket and a large number of taverns and restaurants open to all visitors. Entrance to the complex is charged only in high season, but because the hotel policy changes frequently, you should check that before visiting.

In general, Sani is considered a posh resort for rich people. The beach is beautiful, and it’s a shame that it’s mostly available only to hotel guests. The open part is much smaller and quite full and often overcrowded. In this section, there’s also a little space for visitors with their own equipment.

There’s a camping site on the left from café Anemos looking toward the sea.

You can enjoy a wonderful sunset from the beach.

In the marina, you can rent a private yacht or a boat with captain and visit some of the most beautiful cities on Kassandra, Athos and Sithonia, and that on this trip almost certainly encounter dolphins.

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