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nea kallikratia kassandra 25
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Nea Kallikratia

Nea Kallikratia is a town with about 10000 inhabitants, and it belongs to the Halkidiki region. It's actually one of the nearest resorts to Thessaloniki and Serbia, located at the very beginning of Halkidiki, that is, Kassandra. It's 35km away from Thessaloniki, and a little less from Kasandra and...

possidi kassandra 1
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Possidi is a small town on the southwest coast of Kassandra, about 100km away from Thessaloniki and 740km away from Belgrade. Possidi is specially built tourist resort, tucked in the high hills and greenery. It's a small place with a supermarket, pharmacy, several shops including butcher's, several taverns, restaurants and...

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Pefkohori is the most popular tourist resort on Kassandra and a place with the longest tradition in tourism. It's located on the east coast, just over 700km away from Belgrade. Its name means "a place with lots of pine trees", which was unfortunately quite damaged in a recent fire. Above...

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Hanioti is a popular and very nicely landscaped city on the east coast of Kassandra. Just under 100km away from Thessaloniki and just over 700km away from Belgrade. Hanioti is becoming increasingly popular resort and slowly takes primacy from Pefkohori, the most attractive place over the years. The large area...

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Polichrono is located on the east coast of Kassandra peninsula, about 95km from Thessaloniki and about 700km from Belgrade. In the last few years, Polichrono is becoming an increasingly popular resort that's rapidly developing. Though, it still represents a quieter version of summer vacation in comparison to Pefkohori and Hanioti,...

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Sani is the first place on the west coast looking from Thessaloniki, 70km away. To begin with, it's known for the famous Sani Resort, for many years the largest in Greece. This luxurious complex consists of several hotels and buildings along the beautiful beach, including a fantastically landscaped park,...

nea fokea kassandra (1)
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Nea Fokea

Nea Fokea is a small town placed at the very beginning of Halkidiki peninsula, 17km away from Nea Potidea to the east. It is a fishing village known for good seafood tavernas (although there are only a few of them) and several historical sites worth visiting. The town has...

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Skala Fourka

Skala Fourka is a very small town on the Kasandra peninsula on Halkidiki, about 100km from Thessaloniki. It has a sandy beach, with crystal clear water. The bottom is mostly the sand, with the exception of a meter or two of rocks at the entrance, and then the sand and...

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Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia

Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia are only half an hour drive from Thessaloniki and belong to the Halkidiki. The places are connected and Nea Flogita is slightly bigger, prettier and more popular. Due to the proximity of Thessaloniki, there's not many accommodation units and hotels in these places, as many...

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For many reasons, Afytos is a unique place in Kassandra, and perhaps throughout Halkidiki. It's located on the northeast coast of the peninsula, between Nea Fokea and Kallithea. Afitos is also ideal as a base to tour both the eastern and western parts of the peninsula, with its great...