Sithonia is one of the areas that is closest to our tourists, and together with its natural beauty makes it one of the most common and most preferred holiday destinations. The variety of accommodation, capacity and the accessibility as well as the prices round up Sithonia one of the best choices.

The distance from Belgrade (which we will take as a reference point in Serbia) to Nikiti (the capital of Sithonia and the first major city on arrival) is 742km, or translated into hours of driving, around nine o’clock. Of course, an alternative route through Bulgaria is possible with its 796km and some hour and a half longer ride (we still recommend the route through Macedonia), as well as a direct flight Belgrade-Thessaloniki, and then a rent-a-car or bus to the destination in Sithonia.

Sithonia is the central finger in the famous and characteristic geography of the Halkidiki region. On its west side overlooks the beach of Kassandra, and on the east to the extracted mountain Athos with its monasteries. On Sithonia dominate two mountains, Itamos and Dragudelis. For more active tourists this is a great addition to the beaches, because these two protected natural sites are criss-crossed with cycling and trekking paths, and the view from the top is phenomenal.

The most important towns or rather larger villages are Nikiti, Neos Marmaras, Porto Koufo, Sarti, Sykia, Toroni and Vourvourou, but there are still a lot of villages or settlements that do not lag behind in any way, depending on your preferences, they have some benefits. The known locations include the super luxury complex Porto Karras with four hotels, sports and golf courses, 45000 olive trees and 47,50 hectares of vineyards.

The most famous and the most important sights are the ancient city and the castle in Agios Athanasios, windmills in Sikia and the church from the 16th century in Nikiti.

Of course, the beaches are the most important, and Sithonia really has to offer every kind of beaches, whether they are sandy, rocky, or ideal for diving. Trani Ammouda, Lagomandra, Tristinika, Kalamitsi, Orange (Kavurotripes) Armenistis and Karidi are just a few of the most popular and unavoidable, but a large number of small beaches, coves and hidden places on Sithonia are just waiting to be discovered. Sithonia has 13 beaches that are bearers of the Blue Flag, the international recognition that signifies beaches with the highest quality of water and environment, with the best maintenance, cleanliness and conditions on the beach. Beaches in Sithonia are often found on the lists of the best in Greece.

On Sithonia you will find all major supermarkets such as Lidl and Masoutis, so supplying is very easy and convenient with a great selection. Of course, small grocery shops with fruits, bakeries etc. are mostly everywhere, so you can stop and shop on the way from the beach.

Nearness of Thessaloniki is one of the advantages of Sithonia. You can visit the second largest city in Greece on arrival or departure, but however you organize, in the end you’ll feel like missing more time for this great city. With the combination of modern and ancient, full of spirit and young people, excellent restaurants and taverns, and a romantic waterfront promenade, Thessaloniki deserves a separate chapter and a visit.

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