Keramoti is a small town, known as the port from which ferries to Thassos depart. But this place offers something more than just a port. To our pleasant surprise it has a very long and wide sandy beach with a blue flag, which certainly deserves. The beach is several kilometers long, very wide (50m), with sand on the shore and in the water. On the beach there are several modern beach bars where with drink or coffee, you can get free sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition to the bars on the beach you can find volleyball nets, children's toys, canopy. Some bars are large and can accommodate up to 2000 visitors, and during the night they work as a club.
The beach has very fine sand like flour and water is clean and clear all the way to the bottom, where there are countless shells. It's pretty far in relation to the port (for this reason visitors of Tassos do not know that it exists), so the water is very clear and clean. Along the beach is a pine forest with plenty of room to park the car in the shade. The beach does not have a lot of natural shade.

In Keramotí there are a few souvenir shops and boutiques, cafes, taverns and restaurants, supermarkets and fast food restaurants. The place is not known for its nightlife as it is almost nonexistent.
We noticed that the place has a lot of mosquitoes (at least that was the case in September) so it is advisable that you bring from home with you some repelants.

Keramoti is about 210km from Thessaloniki and 40km from Kavala and lies in the delta of the river Nestos. It is located in the southeastern part of Greek Macedonia, the southernmost part of the prefecture of Kavala. It is only 6 nautical miles from Thasos (35 minutes by ferry).

Small, authentic fishing village gradually developed and slowly grows into a typical Greek tourist town on the coast with about 2000 inhabitants. Due to the large number of fishermen who settled in this place even from other countries, the town is known for its fish taverns that still offer fresh fish in their menu, but the fresh fish that can be conveniently purchased in the port directly from fishermen. Otherwise, the place has a bank, post office, primary and secondary schools as well as two tourist kiosks for information. One is located on the dock in the harbor and provides all the information related to a place and environment, and the other is in the eastern part of the village, behind the middle school and offers information for nature lovers and all those who are interested in different kinds of birds and rare animals and vegetation which may be found in the vicinity of Keramoti. Keramoti is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers.
All around Keramoti stretches mountain Lekani where hikers and visitors can enjoy the diverse colorful vegetation, visit a small mountain villages, observe rare birds of prey, and meanders of the river Nestos where they can enjoy rafting or kayaking. There are organized and 4x4 off road tours, bird watching, hiking...

If you like history and archeology, from Keramoti you can easily visit the archaeological site Filipi, one of the most important in Greece, or sites on Thasos and Xanthi. Kavala is only half an hour away and is ideal for a day trip, shopping, and visiting the old city, the aqueduct and the museum.

Keramoti population is engaged in agriculture, livestock and fishing, but lately more and more in tourism. The main agricultural products are corn, rice, asparagus, cotton, and kiwi.
The most famous event during the year in Keramotí is the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, when young people are jumping into the sea to swim to the cross first. Keramoti is also known for one of the biggest music festivals in the northern Greece, which takes place in mid-July (Plai Sto Kima) when the participants of the festival are some of the best known names of Greek music. Every other year in the last Sabbath of June begins, "Marine Week" during which are held competitions in dancing, swimming, boating, water sports, traditional and folk music.