Kavala is a big city, and restaurants, taverns and cafes are numerous. We need to know how to choose, and the experiences of the local population can best help us with that.

Every tourist place has restaurants that tourists like because they are in attractive places and usually with low-quality food and high prices, and on the other hand, there are restaurants and taverns visited by locals which are usually in less attractive locations, although not the rule, and always have lower prices and better quality food.

The difference between such restaurants is especially presented in big cities.

If you find yourself in the center of Kavala and do not have the will or time to explore, there are two great tavernas in the center of the city with affordable prices that we most often visit. One is called Sousouro and the other Gorgones k magkes.

Both are great for dinner as they have a great atmosphere in the evenings.

The prices of appetizers in this second tavern, for example, are 2 to 3e, and all salads are 3e except the Greek one, which is 4.5e. We have not seen such low prices in Greece for a long time. Portions are standard sizes.

Marina Djordjevic who has lived in Kavala for several years has the following recommendations for tavernas: To Koutoukaki, Meltemi, Paraliakon.

To Koutoukaki has great prices and is located in the old town, Panagia, near the port, across from Imareta. Two people can have lunch in this tavern for about 20 euros. In addition to fish, meat is also on the menu.

Meltemi is located just outside the center of Kavala, in a small harbor behind the aqueduct and is a good opportunity to visit it if you want to visit that part of the city.

Paraliakon is a tavern located in the center, next to the beach. It has good prices, and in addition to fish and seafood, you can also enjoy meat dishes.

Probably the most famous cafe in Kavala is Briki (Mpriki). It is located in the old town, Panagia, and has the most beautiful view of Kavala, the sea, the harbor and the promenade. This cafe is a must-have place for coffee, and it is halfway to the fortress, so it is the right place for a break and refreshment.

Marina’s recommendation is also a cafe Meta tis 10 which has a beautiful view of Kavala, the old town and the aqueduct.

In Nea Peramos is a great cafe Cavo Vrasidas, on Vrasidas beach

Silvana Spitseri has been living in Kavala for more than ten years and has great recommendations for you.

In her opinion, the best gyros is Theofilos (Θεόφιλος). It is located very close to the promenade. Spiros, Delicari and Dia Heiros are also excellent.

She also thinks that the Paraliakon Tavern is a great choice, and it is close to the sea so that it is easily accessible to all visitors to Kavala.

Restaurant Karnagio is on the beach next to the old and still active shipyard, so it is in a very interesting and original environment, but a little outside the center of Kavala.

Perhaps the most popular taverns for the inhabitants of Kavala are the taverns Balauro and Savvas (Μπαλαουρο and Σάββας). They are located in a small port, in a part of town called Sfagia, outside the town. The prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious and fresh.

If you want to enjoy the food while walking through the old town, then stop by the taverns Mposforos or Kanados.

Batis is the most popular and most beautifully landscaped beach in Kavala and thus a favorite place of locals and tourists. In addition to swimming pools, sports fields, sunbeds and umbrellas, there is also a restaurant-tavern Elia within this complex which has our recommendations.

Milos Molos restaurant has medium-quality food, but is located in a unique location, in the middle of the sea (about 50 meters from the shore) and staying in the restaurant is a unique experience. According to Silvana, one restaurant you should avoid - I orea Mitilini (Η ωραία Μυτιλήνη) which is expensive and with bad food and service.

Silvana’s favorite restaurants, not taverns, are Art de cousine with European cuisine, and Alburo. Hotel Galaxy in the center of Kavala, in the street by the sea and the harbor, has a rooftop cafe with a fantastic view of Kavala and the sea, but it does not work during the whole summer, so before visiting you should check if it is open.

Cafe Briki, which we mentioned above, also has a recommendation from Silvana, and one of the rare pastry shops where you can sit, and at the same time it is good, is Evangelu (Ευάγγελου). It is also specific that has excellent profiteroles that they prepare in front of the guest if they want.

The most popular restaurant in Nea Peramos is Tou Konstantaki, and in Nea Iraklitsi the restaurant is Maistrali.

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