Batis beach is just 4km west of the city of Kavala and it is a tempting motivation for visiting Northern Greece. Visitors are impressed by the sufficiency and functionality of the facilities, the beauty of the natural environment and the modern stylish design.

Batis Multiplex complex, that lays on this beach, include:

  • camping Terra that unfolds in a green all around area measuring 33.000m2
  • playground Anemi that allocates children's swimming-pool
  • sports activities in the sand Athlos
  • beach bar Aquarella
  • pool bar Ilion
  • café-bar Selini
  • Greek tavern Elia
  • the icon-stand of the Prophet Isaiah
  • the polymorphic hall of social events & conferences OdysSea
  • the open air ground of social events with the swimming pool Ilion
  • organized beach with marine games

This is an ideal meeting place which offers unlimited residence to kids and adults, relaxation and entertainment throughout the day from early morning until late evening.