Nea Peramos is a small town of 2500 inhabitants, located 18km before Kavala looking from Thessaloniki direction. From here you can catch a great view of Thassos island and Mount Athos, so it is a great starting point for visiting interesting places and beaches in the area.

Residents of Nea Peramos are mostly refugees from Asia Minor. In order to clean the Turkey of Hellenism, the Turks set on fire Greek village Peramos in 1915 Shortly after, the agreement on the exchange of population between Greece and Turkey was signed. The first refugees arrived to place of current Nea Peramos in 1923, and already in 1928 municipality of Nea Peramos was established and started to grow rapidly.

Anyway, Nea Peramos’ history dates back to the 7th century BC, when Tassians moved to Isimi hill to exploit the ore of gold from the mountain Pangea. There are still remains of the ancient city where they live and it can be visited. In the western part of Nea Peramos, on a small hill, there are remains of a Byzantine castle and town Anaktropoli, conquered by Emperor Dusan, and Bulgarian soldiers in the WWII. From this hill, you can clearly see the famous Amolofi beach, Nea Peramos and former Greek navy port.

Nea Peramos is a typically Greek resort with a very long sandy beach. There are not many hotels and villas for rent. The beach is mostly narrow, with a gradual depth, and mostly organized. Along the beach there’s a nice promenade with lots of greenery and parks, as well as cafes and taverns with beautiful gardens. Given the fact that it’s not too tourist-oriented and exploited, this site provides an opportunity for a peaceful holiday without too many tourists and crowds. There’s a large number of shops, restaurants, taverns, fast food restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, supermarkets and entertainment for children. Medical assistance (pediatrician, general practitioner and physiotherapist) is also available, as well as three pharmacies. In short, they have everything you need for a peaceful and carefree holiday.

Inhabitants are, among other things, occupied with agriculture, so in Nea Peramos you can buy an excellent wine and olive oil.

The biggest advantage of Nea Peramos in the vicinity of Amolofi beach, a little over one kilometer from the very center. Amolofi is one of the most beautiful beaches of northern Greece, it’s 3km long, with like flour fine golden sand. In some parts, it’s over 50 meters wide. It consists of three parts with numerous modern bars with plenty of chairs and umbrellas, as well as large, covered free parking lots. Of course, you can also bring your beach equipment. The beach is mostly with long shoal and it’s ideal for families with small children, yet it’s sufficiently long so that everyone can find an appropriate part, depending on wishes and needs for shoal or depth for swimming. Because of sand dunes, this beach is a haven for young children.

On the beach there are organized water sports, nets for beach volleyball, toys for children and various music.

Fine sand combined with crystal clear water and turquoise color seems very exotic. Every year thousands of people visit this beach, so if you want as fewer crowds as possible, you should pick the first part of Amolofi beach, the closest to Nea Peramos.

Since 2006, it’s the holder of Blue Flag due to clean water and tidiness. Beach chairs and umbrellas at the beach bars are obtained free of charge with a drink ordered. If the weather conditions are favorable, the beach offers a beautiful view of the blue Aegean, but also Thassos island and Athos peninsula. Between Amolofi beach and Nea Peramos, there is a peninsula Vrasida with a lot of small wild coves interesting for diving and isolation. The bays are mostly rocky, except for one that has fine sand, and a lot of campers go there.

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