In terms of supply, Kefalonia has much to boast about. There are plenty of well-supplied supermarkets, whether they are small local ones or some of the big retail chains, especially in larger populated places such as Argostoli, Lassi, Skala, Liksuri, Fiskardo and Sami.

For the fans of German Lidl chain, Kefalonia offers only one market on the island, and it is located about 4km from Argostoli, on the main road leading to the Rock, about 500m before the intersection that separates the southern beaches.

There are actually several large supermarkets at this large intersection, AV Vasilopoulos, Lidl and Kritikos.

Vasilopoulos has the largest number of stores in Kefalonia, as many as five, two each in Argostoli and Lixuri, one on the road to Skala, one in Skala and another near Skala, on the way to Poros while one is located on Ithaca .

Kritikos has two markets, one at the intersection on the highway and the other at Argostoli.

In Argostoli, Lasia and Sami there are also supermarkets from the Bazaar chain.

In terms of shopping in general, the best stores of all types are Argostoli and Lasi, followed by Skala and other major places on the island. Most shops are open all week, while some smaller shops are closed on Sundays. Store hours are generally from 9am to 10pm and a number of shops practice breaks between 2pm and 5pm.