The Thessaloniki region is excellently developed in terms of tourism for many years now, and the Stavros and Asprovalta live throughout the year. Thessaloniki region is located close to important road Thessaloniki – Kavala, and further Tasos or Alexandroupoli, so that’s an additional reason why this stretch has plenty of supermarkets.

Supermarket Smile in Stavros is the most convenient, and apart from it, there are several smaller ones. Lidl is located on the road from Stavros to Asprovalta, along the highway, by Nea Vrasna. There are plenty of small and large supermarkets in Asprovalta but locals, and lately, tourists as well, prefer to get food and groceries at local green markets. Large green market in Stavros is on Thursdays, and between Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna, it’s on Mondays. There, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at lower prices than in supermarkets, and the choice is quite large. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also buy meat, milk products, olives, olive oil, tsipouro, fresh fish, spices, tea, but also a homemade honey, cakes and jams.

Resorts in Thessaloniki region are more favourable in terms of accommodation and basic food supply. Shoe and wardrobe stores also have slightly lower prices, as well as gold and silver in jewellery stores.

For larger purchases, Thessaloniki is very close and is probably the best choice for shopping in Greece. Cosmos mall with branded footwear and apparel stores, Ikea, children’s department store Jumbo, Mega Outlet with mostly sports wardrobe on a discount, but also the famous streets Tsimiski and Egnatia to buy footwear and apparel from more or less famous and brands.