It is quite possible that you will have need for laundry if you are staying more than 10 days in Sithonia.
If there is not laundry service in the accommodation you’ve chosen, the first option is to ask the owners to give you an opportunity to use their washing machine for this purpose.

Most probably everybody will do this favor, but if you see they hesitate you can always offer them a service fee amount which should be from 5 to 10€.

If this is not possible, the next option for you are the laudry services which are not so many in the area.
In Sarti there is a Laundry services shop Konstantaras and you should check with them if they wash the clothes as well beside the towels and sheets.
In Nikiti there is a Laundry services shop which you will find if you take the road towards the sea from the junction with the traffic lights. At the left side of this road you will find laundry which occasionally accepts the clothes for washing.
Other options for laundry iw within the campings which are numerous in Sithonia. You can choose between Platanitsi, Thalatta or Armenistis for instance.

There is also a possibility to wash the clothes in the complex Porto Carras by the price 5€ za washing and the 5€ for drying. The extra issue is the fact that the entrance to the complex costs 10€.

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