Nikiti is located at the very beginning of Sithonia and that is one of the reasons why this place is in high demand - it is closer than other places. It is also popular because it is in an excellent position for visiting Sithonia, as it is at the crossroads between the west and east coasts and all the beaches on both sides of Sithonia are equally close to it. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located very close to Nikiti, and the place itself is beautifully landscaped, has a nice town beach (mostly sandy) and a long promenade. All in all, the place has everything you need for a meaningful vacation, while there is no wind and waves like Sarti, it has beautiful sunsets and quality accommodation (slightly more expensive than in other places). If you find suitable accommodation in Nikiti, don’t hesitate. Nikiti is the right choice for a vacation in Sithonia.

This place a very long history, it had been completely destroyed several times firstly by the pirates and then by the Turks, and it started developing after the World War 1.

Summer Vacation in Nikiti

Nikiti is relatively a new touristic destination, with a great number of newly built  objects for renting. Nikiti has one of the longest beaches in the whole Greece and so once a year a marathon of swimming through the Toroneos bay is held on a route from Kasandra to Nikiti at a distance of 26 km.
The City Beach is mostly sandy both under the water and on the coast, and some parts of the beach have a very long shoal perfect for the youngest. The beach is clean and arranged and there you have the possibility to get a deck-chair or a parasol if you order a drink, or, if you want to, set your own because the beach is almost never crowded.Nikiti consists of the old and new part between which passes the main road.

The old part of the city is 2 km away from the coast and it is a picturesque traditional village that is always settled. In the center of the village is a church dedicated to St. Nikiti which was built in 1867 and then around it the rest of the village was built. There is a beautiful view from the church yard over the bay. Walking down narrow streets of the old city, seating in a tavern or a cafeteria and going back hundreds of years back gives a lot of pleasure. Nikiti is also famous for one of the oldest Christian churches in Macedonia, Sofronios Basilica dating back to the fifth century of the new era, well-known for the mosaics on the floor.
The new part of the city is located below the main road and there there is a great number of pansions and villas for renting.

Markets and Supply in Nikiti

The city is full of interconnected small streets that have many souvenir shops, taverns, and the city also has an outdoor park where children can play. The four great supermarkets Masouits, AB Vasilopoulos, Lidl, and Galaxias can provide great supplies.

Also, there are smaller grocery stores and stores selling fruits and vegetables throughout the town.
Every Friday the green market is open where you can buy domestic products, fruits, vegetables, and clothes. Large quantities of honey offered for sale at the market come as no surprise since Nikiti is one of the greatest centers in Europe known for producing honey.

Beaches in the vicinity of Nikiti

Nikiti is a great choice as a base for a vacation because only 2 km away from the center the main road forks into two parts, one leading to the western coast of Sithonia, and the other one to the eastern one. In that way visitors in Nikiti can easily reach almost all the beaches and places in Sithonia. Driving alongside the eastern and western coast you will have the chance to see fishing villages, lively inlets, touristic complexes, and not only popular and well-visited but also desolate beaches replacing one another, all of them being surrounded by the pine forest and the low Mediterranean vegetation.

One of the best known beaches on Sithonia is situated nearby Nikiti: Castri, Agios Ioannis, Koviou, Kalogria, Spathies, Elia, Lagomandra in the western coast, and there are also famous Trani Ammouda, Lagonisi, Talgo, Karidi in the east.

All in all, Nikiti is a great choice for summer vacation because it is not far away from Serbia, Thessaloniki, and its perfect position for going to other beaches and places, but also because of the beauty of the place cuddled in the green scenery of pine woods and wonderful, long, sandy beaches with turquoise color.

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