A perfect taste in itself, and not only a salad addition, but also to other food dried olive dishes give it a special, different taste. We chose Throuba Tasou, dried olives. According to the description: meaty olives with a strong, rich taste.

It’s not a pleasure you get when you eat your favorite candy or salt, but a challenge. Throuba is a variety grown mainly in Thassos and the only olive variety that can be eaten directly harvested from the tree, when ripe, of course, in December. It is believed that the old people from this olives variety realized that it is eatable. For domestic animals, especially goats, the bitterness that comes from glucosides does not seem to bother them, but humans react if the olives are unprocessed.

Olives for human consumption are no longer dried in many traditional ways, but according to the requirements of the local market in the most common three ways, and one of them, in this case, is the natural fermentation of black olives - Greek style. There are reports that people used wild olives 19000 years ago. It is one of the oldest cultivated orchards about 6000 years ago. There is still controversy about its place of origin, within the Mediterranean area, but it is certain that the Phoenicians brought it to Thassos, from where it spread to Italy, later to Spain.

The first Spanish colonists transferred it to America, and much later the Italians to Australia. The only continent on which olive trees are not grown is Antarctica. We have found many recipes for drying olives, but we think one should enjoy the flavors provided by the years of experience of those who deal with it in the traditional way, which is not easy at all. Especially here we mean for harvesting, which is by hands, therefore difficult, which has remained until today and is present in those, mostly family farms, for which it means survival. This type of harvest provides them with quality because if they do not treat their tree well, next year’s harvest may suffer and these olives will be worthless in the market.

Somehow, no taste of food is complete anymore unless the olives on the table are dried. We found it to be an excellent antioxidant because of some of its ingredients, especially Throuba, while in rare other olive varieties, these ingredients are in small doses or may not even be present.

The daily limit that is safe for human consumption is 20 olives.

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