Since we are always in a hurry in the summer and often do not have time to cook or go to a restaurant, we usually order take away food from the restaurant. The most convenient choice for this is Aquarius pizzeria.

It is located on the main street in Potos, next to the main road at the corner, at the beginning of the promenade across from the amusement park. Although it does not have an attractive location and is not by the sea, this tavern-pizzeria should be visited during your stay in Potos.

Passing the tavern you will be attracted to the grilled chicken roast during the day. They are really tasty just as they look. Roast chicken, some french fries, mayonnaise sauce and Greek salad in Aquarius are always our first choice. A very convenient and delicious meal that you can get as a package and bring it to your family or eat at a tavern. Prices are cheaper if you take the package.

Pizzas that are baked on wood for just a few minutes in a stone stove are also a great and affordable choice.

In this tavern you can try lamb under the bell as well as specialties from traditional Greek cuisine such as moussaka, pasticio etc.

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