Souvlaki (grilled meat on a skewer) is the most popular Greek fast food. Gyros is popular, but more among tourists, the Greeks prefer souvlaki.

Souvlaki is equally enjoyed by both children and adults. It can be made from chicken or pork, with vegetables, bacon, mushrooms …

According to many, the best souvlaki in all of Greece is served in Agios Prodromos, the village in Chalkidiki. Whether it is really the best, it’s a matter of taste, but it’s definitely good and if you have the opportunity and you like meat, we recommend that you try it yourself.

Agios Prodromos is a small village located 50 km from Thessaloniki towards Polygyros, the administrative center of Chalkidiki.

Agios Prodromos can be on your way to Sithonia and Athos. It may also be on your way to Kassandra if you are willing to go a little further. This village is 34km away from Nea Moudania in Kassandra, 40km from Gerakini in Sithonia 40km, 60km from Ierissos.

If you are not in a big rush and you decide to go to Sithonia this way, the mileage from Thessaloniki is the same, but you would drive some 15-20 minutes longer because it is a main road that in one part leads through settlements where the speed limit is from 50 up to 80km per hour.

As soon as you enter the region surrounding the village, you will see restaurants along the road in which souvlaki is specialty. We recommend that you continue driving to the village itself. You can drive straight to the main village street where you will find large taverns that have different names, but one thing in common - excellent souvlaki.

Most taverns have spacious, shaded gardens, private parking lots for their guests, and excellent service. It is rumored that the best tavern in town is Miltiadis, so we recommend that you visit this place first. The service is quick, and souvlaki is to be ordered by piece. One pork souvlaki, which is the best, costs 1.20€. If you want, you can also order takeaway, and in this case, one souvlaki and a piece of bread cost 1€.

The other prices in taverns are also affordable. Salads are around 3€, and meat portions are up to 7€. Menu is not rich, there are only 5-6 meat dishes and that’s it. After all, souvlaki is the only thing that is being ordered here.

If you like Greek feta cheese, you should try tirokafteri salad, kind of spicy cheese spread.

Agios Prodromos is located at a much higher altitude so the temperature is lower by several degrees. For evening hours, warm clothes is often needed. There is a river that flows through the village giving it a certain amount of fresh breeze, as well as large sycamore trees in the gardens of the restaurant.

Agios Prodromos is just 14km away from Polygyros, so you can also visit this small town when going to or getting back from before mentioned village.

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