The village Rachoni is located 4km from the coast and about 17km from the capital city Limenas. It is an old village and the part of it belongs to Mount Athos. The legend says that the people settled here next to the river after one blind Bulgarian woman swam in the water and got her sight back. This is the reason why here was built the church of Saint Mary the Virgin. It was built in the 19th century on the field with a spectacular view. The church celebration is on the 15 of August. On this day after liturgy, the celebration starts and the traditional meal klubani is being served. In some way this is the meal typical for this church. It is made from rice and veal. If you are visiting Thassos in this period we advise you not to miss this celebration.

Village Rachoni is famous for its products made from olives, first of all olive oil as well as honey and walnuts. It is being said that the olives that grow in Rachoni and Prinos are the oldest ones on the island. Many trees are more than 900 years old which is a fascinating fact.

Village Rachoni kept its authenticity. There aren’t any tourist attractions which is probably the reason why it is not usually visited by tourists.

Village Saint George is located not far from Rachoni. It also kept its authenticity and old buildings. Beekeeping, livestock breeding and olive processing are the main occupations of the people living here. The village is also famous as a place where Muhammad Ali from Egypt was brought up in a Greek family. He is the founder of the dynasty that ruled Egypt from the 19th until the beginning of the 20th century.

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