Skala Potamia is a small town in the northeast of the island. It is 3km long bay. On the eastern side of the bay is located Skala Panagia, and on the west side Skala Potamia. Skala Panagaia is known as the Golden Beach. These are all small towns, which are almost without inhabitants during winter. This is especially true for Skala Panagia.

Skala Potamija is known as an ideal destination for a peaceful, family vacations. It has started to grow relatively late, so the majority of properties are built in the last ten years.
The place has several grocery stores, an internet cafe, 2 cafés, 7-8 tavernas and a few rent-a-car (bike) agencies.

When choosing accommodation, it does matter what part of the Skala Potamia you choose, because the Skala Potamia extends 1.5km along the beach called Hrisi Acts. It can happen that you book accommodation next to the beach and but at the same time far from center of the town more than one kilometer. All facilities that place offers are by the small public beach, which is located in the western part of the bay. From the city beach to the east, there is a beach that in its beginning is a little rocky, and then only sand. Along the beach there are few taverns, and a large number of hotels and villas for rent. Apart from these small shops there are little other facilities there. Skala Potamia is flat place, what makes it ideal for biking and hiking, and so from any villa you can, on foot, reach the center of Skala Potamia, but also the center of Skala Panagia.

Due to the large flat area that belongs to the Skala Potamia, number of new, modern villas and hotels, with a huge yard, private parking and close to the beautiful sandy beach, has been built. Since the Skala Potamia doesn't have a lot of natives, the place is not lively as Limenas and Potos, but it is rather quiet. You can feel completely safe and peaceful. If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet, family resort with a sandy beach then Skala Potamia is ideal for you.
Part of the beach called the "City beach" is about 200m long. It is quite wide beach which in part includes toys for children. The beach is sandy on the shore and in the water, known for its shallow waters and is a favorite for families with young children. Sometimes waves can occur, usually in August, which is a special attraction, as the waves are not big or dangerous.

Skala Potamia can be ideal as a base for touring the island. Staying in here, you always have a great beach at your fingertips, and on the other hand only two minutes drive away from it is the Golden beach, 10 minutes drive famous beach Paradise beach, etno village of Panagia is very close (3-4 minutes drive).
When you want some more events, nightlife, entertainment and fun for the kids, the capital of the island, Limenas, is just a 10 minute drive away.