Skala Prinos is the second port of the island , located on the northwestern side, 17km far from Limenas and 24km from Limenaria . The regular ferry line is connected to the town of Kavala on the coast.    It contains all the facilities needed for tourists . There is also Health Center of the Island .

The specificity is the existence of a smaller shipyard , near the port, where small and medium-sized ships are traditionally made and repaired.

Skala Prinos and village Prinos (also known as Kalivia) make up one whole.

Skala Prinos is surrounded by several long, sandy beaches , where the water is mostly calm and extremely clean.    At only 1km away there is a small area called Dasilio , which is named after the pine trees that are particularly present here (dasos means forest). In Dasilio there is a very beautiful sandy beach along with several beautiful and very luxurious hotels .