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Published November 8, 2015 10 comments

Which one to choose: Potos, Limenaria or Limenas

There are many different opinions on this subject. Here is mine.

Limenas: the capital city and the biggest one, naturally has the widest range on stores, cafes, restaurants, banks, rent-a-car agencies, doctors consulting-rooms... The city beach is not bad, and the closest ones that are better...

Potos 1
Published February 1, 2012 14 comments


Potos is a small town of about 1000 inhabitants. It is located in the south of the island. It is the most attractive and the most wanted tourist spot on the island. That's probably because in it you can find everything you need for a peaceful and decent summer,...

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Published June 23, 2017 no comments

The map of Thassos

Very useful table inscribed with the distances between...

The most important places on Thasos 3
Published November 8, 2015 5 comments

The most important places on Thasos

This post is meant firstly for those who are spending their summer vacation on Thasos for the first time. I will list the most important places you should visit, the beaches to swim at... in other words, what to do during the first 10 days. In case you don't...

Why Limenaria? 18
Published November 8, 2015 no comments

Why Limenaria?

Limenaria is the second largest town on the island and therefore offers a lot of facilities for visitors. Beach 2km long, than small town beach, a long promenade by the sea, a wide selection of restaurants, shops and fast food, are benefits of Limenaria compared to other, smaller places....

Why Skala Potamia? 10
Published November 8, 2015 6 comments

Why Skala Potamia?

Skala Potamia is ideal for a peaceful family vacation but also for all who want to relax. On the other hand, it also offers entertainment for children and on the beach which is a long, wide, sandy, with long shallow waters, toys, small amusement park, water slides, seesaws... ...

golden beach gulf ideal for vacation with children thassos  (6)
Published November 8, 2015 4 comments

Why Golden Beach?

Skala Panagia is better known under the name of Golden Beach.

Golden Beach is a large bay, 3km long, but in fact is a long sandy beach, with a long shoal, cafes, restaurants, loungers and umbrellas along the beach.
Skala Panagia is ideal for a...

Why Limenas? 3
Published November 8, 2015 no comments

Why Limenas?

Limenas - capital of the island.

Its advantage over other places is that is the largest city and therefore provides the most content to their visitors. It has something for everyone, a large number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and entertainment parks for children... Limenas boasts a...

Why choose west coast of Thassos? 7
Published November 8, 2015 no comments

Why choose west coast of Thassos?

Is there a reason to choose the west coast as your base during the summer holidays in Thassos? Of course it does.

The west coast is about 30 kilometers long, and there are several small charming fishing villages. Each of these places has its own beach,...

Beauty of the eastern coast of Thassos 1
Published November 8, 2015 no comments

Beauty of the eastern coast of Thassos

The east coast of Thassos is known for its abundance of green vegetation and pine forests, and the most beautiful beaches. Starting from the large bay Golden Beach until Alyki are interspersed beautiful beaches and wild coves. On the east coast there are no other settlements on the coast...