Thassos - comprehensive tourist guide

    limenas thassos (1)

    One of the most frequent question we get from tourists is: "What village is the best to stay in Thassos". There are few correct answers on it, depends of your expectations. Do we recommend a vacation in Limenas? Absolutely yes! Limenas: The capital and largest city, of course, has the largest...

    Potos 41
    Updated May 26, 2022.


    Potos is a small town of about 1000 inhabitants. It is located in the south of the island. It is the most attractive and the most wanted tourist spot on the island. That's probably because in it you can find everything you need for a peaceful and decent summer, including...

    kastro village thassos  (3)
    Updated February 22, 2024.


    Kastro is a medieval village, probably the oldest in Thassos. It is located in the center of the island, at 450m above sea level. It is 16km from Limenaria (northeast). The road to the village is excellent, because few years ago it was paved. If you have an adventurous spirit,...

    Astris 1
    Updated January 03, 2024.


    Astris is a small town in the southeast of the island. The literature reports the name Astrida relating to the same place, but Astris is more in use. It is a place of only a few dozen inhabitants in winter, without much commercial and tourist attractions. It is ideal for those who...

    Kallirachi village 1
    Updated December 28, 2023.

    Kallirachi village

    Kallirachi is a small village on the western side of the island. History of the village goes back ten centuries ago when pirates from Tripoli used wood around Kallirachi to create a fleet of ships to invade Thessaloniki. Throughout history, it was burnt down and dynamited several times, both by Turks...

    skala rachoni thassos  (13)
    Updated December 23, 2023.

    Skala Rachoni

    Skala Rachoni is a quiet place on the northwest of the island, 13km from Limenas and less than 5km from Skala Prinos. Typical for Thassos, this Skala has a stone mall for fishing and promenade with palms and wooden benches along the shore. There's a church of St. Paraskeva and a few...

    alyki beach thassos 8
    Updated December 13, 2023.


    Alyki is a picturesque small peninsula on the southeastern coast of Thassos. It is about 24km away from Potos, the nearest major settlement. It features two beautiful bays, linked by a cape where marble was excavated during the Roman and Byzantine empires. Alyki history goes back to the 7th century BC,...

    Why Potos? 7
    Updated December 12, 2023.

    Why Potos?

    Why is Potos that much wanted? What are the advantages? First of all, it is the location - south. More hours of sunshine, no wind, distance to some of the most beautiful beaches (Psili Ammos, Notos, San Antonio, Pefkari), close to Limenaria (4km) second-largest city on the island, close to the...

    which place to choose thassos  (2)
    Updated December 12, 2023.

    What place to choose?

    Arriving at Tasos but do not know where is best to stay? You're not alone. It is the most common question we get. Let's try to clarify a bit. The largest towns on Thassos are Limenas (the capital), Limenaria (the second largest), Skala Potamia, Golden beach (Skala Panagia) and Potos. In our...

    Beauty of the eastern coast of Thassos 1
    Updated December 05, 2023.

    Beauty of the eastern coast of Thassos

    The east coast of Thassos is known for its greenery vegetation and pine forests, and the most beautiful beaches. Starting from the large Golden Beach bay until Alyki there are beautiful beaches and wild coves. On the east coast there are no other settlements on the coast except Skala Potamia,...