Thassos - comprehensive tourist guide

    Potos 41
    Updated May 26, 2022.


    Potos is a small town of about 1000 inhabitants. It is located in the south of the island. It is the most attractive and the most wanted tourist spot on the island. That's probably because in it you can find everything you need for a peaceful and decent summer, including...

    limenas thassos (1)

    One of the most frequent question we get from tourists is: "What village is the best to stay in Thassos". There are few correct answers on it, depends of your expectations. Limenas: The capital and largest city, of course, has the largest selection of shops, cafes, restaurants, car rental agencies, doctor's...

    Skala Kallirachi and Kalirachi 1
    Updated August 17, 2022.

    Skala Kallirachi

    Skala Kallirachi is a small fishing village on the west side of the island. The village has a small harbor, a promenade, a small beach, several grocery stores, the bakery, meat shop, several taverns. Shortly, all that is needed for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Skala Kallirachi **is a great...

    dasko 4
    Updated August 17, 2022.


    Pefkari is a small place in the south of the island. It is located between Limenaria and Potos, with Limenaria 3km away, and Potos less than two kilometers. The place has its beach, Pefkari beach with a line of hotels and villas along the full stretch of the beach. **Pefkari...

    Kinira 1
    Updated August 16, 2022.


    Kinira is a small place that in recent years is experiencing a tourist boom. The name Kinira refers to a small island opposite of Paradise beach, but the coast has the same name. The place has several excellent restaurants, a pizzeria and a supermarket where, besides the usual stuff, you...

    skala rachoni thassos  (13)
    Updated August 12, 2022.

    Skala Rachoni

    Skala Rachoni is a quiet place on the northwest of the island, 13km from Limenas and less than 5km from Skala Prinos. Typical for Thassos, this Skala has a stone mall for fishing and promenade with palms and wooden benches along the shore. There's a church of St. Paraskeva and a few...

    Skala Sotiros 1
    Updated July 10, 2022.

    Skala Sotiros

    Skala Sotiros is a small place on the west coast of the island. It has a population of 300 inhabitants. The is developing in recent years. The village has a sandy, organized, city beach, several taverns and fast-food restaurants, several small markets and shops.Everything is adapted to a smaller number of...

    Limenaria 1
    Updated March 26, 2021.

    Limenaria Village, Thassos Island

    Limenaria is the second largest town in Thassos. It is located in the south of the island, 5km away from Potos. Limenaria has about 3000 inhabitants and like Potos, is divided by the main road into two parts. Below the road, towards the sea, is the largest number of accommodation facilities...

    thassos map 3
    Updated December 25, 2020.

    The map of Thassos

    Very useful chart with the distances between places. To check out accommodation offers on Thassos click HERE....

    view from rachoni to agios georgios

    The village Rachoni is located 4km from the coast and about 17km from the capital city Limenas. It is an old village and the part of it belongs to Mount Athos. The legend says that the people settled here next to the river after one blind Bulgarian woman swam in...