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Updated March 2, 2018 10 comments

Which one to choose: Potos, Limenaria or Limenas

There are many different opinions on this subject. Here is mine.

Limenas: the capital city and the biggest one, naturally has the widest range on stores, cafes, restaurants, banks, rent-a-car agencies, doctors consulting-rooms... The city beach is not bad, and the closest ones that are better...

Potos 41
Updated February 8, 2018 14 comments


Potos is a small town of about 1000 inhabitants. It is located in the south of the island. It is the most attractive and the most wanted tourist spot on the island. That's probably because in it you can find everything you need for a peaceful and decent summer,...

Panagia 5
Updated February 19, 2020 23 comments


Panagia is a calm, traditional Greek mountain village with rich history. It is located on the eastern side of the island 10 km from Limenas.
It was named after a church dedicated to Our Lady (Panagia – Our Lady), which was built in 1832.
Right after the revolution...

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Updated November 23, 2018 2 comments


Limenarija is the second largest town on the island. It is located in the south of the island, 5km away from Potos.

Limenarija has about 3000 inhabitants and like Potos, is divided by main street (highway into two parts). Below the highway, towards the sea, is...

view from rachoni to agios georgios
Updated October 8, 2018 no comments

Rachoni and The Sain George (Agios Georgios)

The village Rachoni is located 4km from the coast and around 17km from the capital city Limenas. It is an old village and the part of it belongs to the Mount Athos. The legend says that the people settled here next to the river after one blind Bulgarian woman...

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Updated October 8, 2018 1 comment

Skala Prinos, Prinos and Dasilio

Skala Prinos is the second port of the island , located on the northwestern side, 17km far from Limenas and 24km from Limenaria . The regular ferry line is connected to the town of Kavala on the coast.    It contains ** all the facilities needed for...

The most important places on Thasos 3
Updated March 8, 2018 5 comments

The most important places on Thasos

This post is meant firstly for those who are spending their summer vacation on Thasos for the first time. I will list the most important places you should visit, the beaches to swim at... in other words, what to do during the first 10 days. In case you don't...

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Updated January 23, 2018 no comments

Kallirachi village

Kallirachi is a small village on the western side of the island. History of the village dates back ten centuries ago, when pirates from Tripoli used woods around Kallirachi to create a fleet of ships to invade Thessaloniki.

Throughout history, it was burnt down and dynamited...

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Updated January 23, 2018 3 comments


Astris is a small town in the southeast of the island. The literature reports the name Astrida relating to the same place , but Astris is more in use.

It is a place of only a few dozen inhabitants in winter, without much commercial and tourist...

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Updated January 23, 2018 no comments

The map of Thassos

Very useful table inscribed with the distances between...