Metagitsi is a town on Sithonia, rarely mentioned in tourist guides.
It’s located on the land, 14 km away from Metamorfosi on one side and 5 km away from Salonikiou beach from the other.

Metagitsi was built on the former territory of an ancient town called Assa. Today, this village has about 750 inhabitants who mostly do cattle breeding and agriculture.

The village has a couple of accommodation objects because it’s only 5 km away from the coast.

Metagitsi is famous for it’s exceptional cuisine, because most of its restaurants and taverns serve food prepared from only homemade, local products.
Fans of roast lamb, capretto and pork will be left breathless by Metagitsi. Besides the meat dishes, you can try many other and delicious Greek specialties in the taverns. The most famous tavern in the village is Klimataria, which has live music during the weekends in a nicely tucked in garden.

The village also has a small square with a couple of small stores, and there’s also the village post, a kiosk and a few shops.
In the small street which leads to the square, you can buy some homemade loukumades, as well as local products (honey, olive oil, vegetables and fruit).
River Havrias or, as locals like to call it, Ormilia, flows near the village (3 km by earth road).

There’s 20 km away from Metagitsi to Nikiti through Metamorfosi and 22 km through Salonikiu, but we recommend to go through Metamorfosi because this road has less turns, and it’s also very unusual and picturesque. Metagitsi is 14 km away from Metamorfosi, and 17 km away from Ormos Panagias.
Metagitsi has 3 churches, and the Patron Saint Day of the village is on July 20th and it lasts for three days. It’s dedicated to Saint prophet Elias.

The village itself has other attractions besides the traditional spirit and antiquity. In our opinion, that’s the exact reason (besides the great food) you should visit it. Metagitsi is a place where you can feel the real life of Sithonia and the soul of the old times.

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