Panagia is a calm, traditional Greek mountain village with rich history. It is located on the eastern side of the island 10km from Limenas.
It was named after a church dedicated to Our Lady (Panagia – Our Lady), which was built in 1832.

Right after the revolution against Turkey in 1821, this village became the capital of Thasos. Today it has 890 residents.

Panagia is one of the richest and most important villages on the island, and it was founded 300 years ago.
It was founded in the time when there were no cars, the streets are so narrow that you can barely go through them on a motorcycle. Only the central streets are wide enough, but there is parking at the entrance to the village where you can park your car and continue on foot. Streets are full of small shops with original and often unique souvenirs.

In the village, there is also a museum of olive oil production.

Panagia thrills most of the tourists with its colorfulness, so most decide on buying a house there, in order to enjoy the simplicity of life it offers.

The village is rich in fresh water springs, which flow down to the village in canals. The mountain water is very cold because it springs from the heart of the mountain Ipsarion. The most famous spring in the village is the so called “Spring of Love” located under the great church. Neatly arranged, this spring represents one of the main tourist attractions in the village. By the spring is the “Bridge of Love”.

The village is also known for its fine taverns with great and tasty food, especially lamb.

The most festival day is the 15th of August when Our Lady is celebrated. On that day the village is lively than ever, and due to large crowds of people in it, all of the streets are closed for traffic. By the way, this is one of the biggest Orthodox holidays and is celebrated throughout all Greece.

In this village, the beginning of the Easter fasting (The Pure Monday) is celebrating with a big carnival. In this small village there used to exist 12 churches.

If you stay in Panagia, you will be 4km from the Golden beach, which is for many people the most beautiful beach on the island.
You can use the walking track from Panagia to reach the highest point on Thassos (1204m Ipsarion peak on Ipsarion mountain).

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