Vasiliki is, in our opinion, the most beautiful place on Lefkada and, next to Agios Nikitas, in the best position to visit the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada. If you find suitable accommodation in Vasiliki, do not hesitate, this place is the right choice for your vacation in Lefkada. It has only a sandy beach (Ponti - Vasiliki).

Vasiliki is located in the south of the island. It’s 37km away from the capital city Lefkas and 20km from Nidri. From the Vasiliki port depart boats to Kefalonia and Ithaca, as well as small boats transporting to the nearby beaches (Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Agiofili). Vassiliki and Ponti are located in the same bay, Vasiliki is on the east, and Ponti on the west side. This two places are connected and, when approaching from the west side, there is wonderful panoramic view of them.

Vasiliki is a quiet place with nice port on the promenade with a number of taverns and cafes with beautiful gardens in the shade of plane trees and eucalyptus. This small and picturesque marina with promenade represents exactly the center of life in the city. Pedestrian zone is crossing with a few narrow cobbled streets, full of small shops, boutiques and souvenir shops.

The beach is long and gravelly, with a gradual depth or shoal, and it’s characterized by a large number of sailboats. Vassiliki and Ponti are actually the most popular places for windsurfing, not only on Lefkada, but also in the whole Mediterranean. You can rent equipment or to use your own. You can pay for lessons in sailing, or to go by sailboats onto organized tours to the surrounding beaches and places, as well as neighboring islands. In the morning the wind is not strong, and is suitable for beginners, while in the afternoon, the wind known as Eric is stronger and it’s a challenge even for professional surfers. Vassiliki and Ponti reliably offer excellent conditions for sailing from May to September. Wind is certainly not to strong for swimming, but pleasant.

The beach nicely organized, the sea is beautifully blue and can be used for everyday swimming, but on Lefkada there are more beautiful beaches where tourists from Vasiliki can swim and that we will mention later. In the town there are several small coves with a natural shade and no wind.

Vasiliki is a small, but nicely organized place, full of flowers and trees. There is no night life, therefor it’s more suitable for those who want a quiet vacation and the possibility of visiting some of the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada. Vasiliki (and Ponti) is, actually, excellent base for touring around Lefkada, as some of the most beautiful beaches are nearby.
Every year more accommodation facilities emerge, so it already offers a large selection of villas and hotels of different categories.

Ponti has no marina, but the the beach along the entire place, fairly broad, with fine gravel and gradual depth, with numerous cafés, restaurants and bars that offer visitors deck chairs and parasols. Ponti is also dominated by yachts and sailors, schools for learning and sailboat renting. The place is flat, accommodations have beautiful courtyards and the streets abound with trees and shade.

In Vasiliki there is one big supermarket for shopping and a few small markets, a post office, police station, gas station, a few travel agencies, bakeries, ambulance, meat market…
The general impression that tourists usually carry out from these places is that they are ruled by a very pleasant atmosphere and are ideal as a base for visiting the beaches on Lefkada but also for a peaceful, family holiday.

Only 2km away from Vasiliki there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada - Agiofili. You can get there by car, but you will have to walk for the last 700-800m. Length of the pedestrian section depends mostly on the condition of the road at the time of your stay in Lefkada. The road is worse after heavy rains, with more holes, so you’ll have to walk more. The path is mostly uphill, so it’s not to pleasant to walk in the summer heat. Jeeps can easily get to the beach, and there is even a large car park charged 3-5e depending on the period of the season.

When you get close to the beach and see it from a height you will be delighted to realize that walking was worth it. The beach is not big, it is pebbly, like most beaches in Lefkada, and color of the sea is perfect blue. Unlike other popular beaches on Lefkada (Egremni, Porto Katsiki…) sea is not turqoise, but more transparent and is excellent for diving. Sea World in this beach in very rich so Agiofili is a paradise for divers where you can see also a very big fish.
On the beach there are parasols and sunbeds that can be rented for 6e (two sunbeds and umbrella). During the season it is better to be early or bring your equipment because of the crowds. In water there is no shallow, depth is gradual, so this beach is more suitable for swimmers than for children. The most beautiful part of the beach (no rocks in the water) is the right part, next to the rocks to Vasiliki.

For those who doesn’t like walking, from Vasiliki there are taxi boats that drive tourists to the beach Agiofili and ticket costs € 6 per person in both directions. Boats hover around 10 am, and the last return is at 6.30pm. In any case, you shouldn’t miss this beach.

In 2017, after an attempt at reconstruction, the road was officially closed. Now the situation is much better, and what is great is that the works on asphalting the shortcut over the hill from Vasiliki to the beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremni are over! Now you can reach the famous beaches from Vasiliki in about 15 minutes. Vasiliki is now becoming the best base for touring the beaches of the west coast of Lefkada!!!

Distance from Kathisma to Vasiliki is about 40km by west coast which has more bends and narrow roads so making the trip to Kathisma by car requires a slower ride that lasts more than an hour.

The beach Rouda Bay (Mikros Gialos or Poros) is 20km drive away, and the last 5 kilometers is a bit hard to drive the narrow road. The beach Afteli is 11km away but the road is also very curving and narrow, and town named Sivota is 10km away, it is very nice place and tucked in greenery and flowers.
For some of evening walks we recommend you to go to Nidri which is 20km away from Vasiliki and it has lots of facilities and attractions for tourists. Near Vasiliki is a small, traditional village Agios Petros, 6km away, which you can visit if you like or want to try lamb. You can also visit a village Sivros which is 7km away and the road is a bit lower quality.

You can see the accommodation in Vasiliki on the following link.