The east coast of Thassos is known for its greenery vegetation and pine forests, and the most beautiful beaches. Starting from the large Golden Beach bay until Alyki there are beautiful beaches and wild coves. On the east coast there are no other settlements on the coast except Skala Potamia, Skala Panagia and Kinira, and off the coast are Panagia and Potamia.

Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia are small places ideal for family vacations, while Kinira is the right place for those who want absolute peace and true rest on the coast, surrounded by greenery and shade of trees, 10km from the first settlement and only 1km from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island Paradise beach.

If it is important for you to be next to some of the beautiful beaches on the east, you can book accommodation in Kinira, at Alyki, or at the beach Thimonia. Therefore, you are guaranteed a real holiday in unspoiled nature. Small grocery stores are in Alyki and Kinira, and for bigger supply you can go to Skala Potamia or to Potos if you are in Alyki.

On the east coast there is a beautiful cove beach Kekes whose hinterland also has several accommodations.

Panagia is the most beautiful traditional village on Thassos that is easily accessible if you are staying in the east, as well as great sanctuary monastery of St. Michail the Archangel.

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