If you’re planning your summer vacation in the Thessaloniki region or you’re travelling in the direction of Kavala and Thassos, we suggest taking a small break by the lake Volvi, and all you need to do is make a small turn from the Egnatia highway to a park named Nimfopetres.

Nimfopetra is a city, and a couple of kilometers before it (from the direction of Thessaloniki) there’s an unusual park famous for the geological process that made the interesting rock formations in it.
Some of the rocks are up to 3 m in height, and they’re also impressive because they’re located around a meadow and flat areas, so they look like they were placed there by humans. Around the rocks, there’s a neat lawn, with paved paths and benches. Newlyweds from surrounding cities come to the park to take pictures.

There are different myths surrounding the creation of these rocks. One myth says that there were newlyweds walking through this area with their wedding guests when the bride remembered she had forgotten the wedding rings at home. Her mother-in-law cursed her so everyone turned into stone.

Another myth says that some hunters saw some nymphs taking a bath at a spring here. Instead of continuing to walk, they stopped to look at them more which angered goddess Artemis so she turned them into stone.

Even without the myths this place is mystic and interesting enough and it’s a proof of nature’s creativity and its ability to create some very unique landscapes. If you have time, we recommend making a small break in this special place.