The Thessaloniki promenade is exactly 6 km long, and the old part meets the new part by the White Tower.

The new part of the promenade starts by the White Tower and it goes all the way to the Concert hall. This space of 250,000 m2 includes about 2500 trees, 12000 new plants, a green surface which covers about 60 ares, while sports and children’s playgrounds take up around 11500 m2. The new promenade is 3 and a half kilometers long. A shore as neat and organised as this one is something that even some much bigger European cities don’t have.

All areas are available to everyone, and many spaces, for children as well as for adults, have been adapted for children and adults with disabilities. There is, of course, a bicycle track, a blind path, basketball and tennis courts, a children’s play ground with special protection precautions, many lawns and tree lines, a shady promenade for hot days, monuments, the famous umbrella sculpture, dog parks, fountains and small water surfaces with water lilies, goldfish and turtles, a wooden deck right next to the sea for you to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets, and open view of the sea and the magnificent Olympus mountain, a few cafes, many street performers and always a lot of people, life and a relaxed atmosphere…
Within the promenade there are also 13 thematic gardens lined up along the entire coast (Garden of Sound, Garden of Water, Mediterranean Garden, Garden of Memories, Garden of Shadows, Garden of the Afternoon Sun, Garden of Seasons…).

There are also boat cafes for short cruises, a boat that sails to Perea, bicycles for rent, surrey bikes with four wheels for families, carriages, unavoidable lukumades, roasted corn… In short, this is the Thessaloniki we love.

What else do you love about Thessaloniki?