Thessaloniki - comprehensive tourist guide

    agnanti stavros

    Thessaloniki region (Stavros, Nea Vrasna, Asprovalta) is well located for sightseeing in the region as well as in other surrounding areas. In addition to the famous beaches around Olympiada, we suggest you to visit also the Ammolofi beach located in Nea Peramos, according to Kavala. It is one of the most...

    Zejtinlik - Sprsko vojničko groblje 5
    Updated April 18, 2020.

    Zeitenlik - Serbian military cemetery

    Serbian Soldiers Cemetery Zeitenlik is in Thessaloniki. Within the cemetery, there are graves of Serbian, French, Italian, English and Russian soldiers killed in the battles and the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki frontline. From the center of Thessaloniki, drive to the end of Egnatia Street (the main street in Thessaloniki), i.e. Vardaris...

    Thessaloniki walking area
    Updated April 03, 2020.

    Promenade in Thessaloniki

    The Thessaloniki promenade is exactly 6 km long, and the old part meets the new part by the White Tower. The new part of the promenade starts by the White Tower and it goes all the way to the Concert hall. This space of 250,000 m2 includes about 2500 trees, 12000...

    edessa (8)
    Updated March 31, 2020.


    One piece of advice for those in the Olympic region and in the car. If it is a rainy day and worth a visit in nice weather too, start the car and head to Vergina (about 50km). There is a wonderful and huge museum with the tomb of Philip of...

    varvara waterfalls thessaloniki 1

    Varvara waterfalls are 8km from the Olympiada and 15km from Stavros. A visit to the waterfalls is the perfect excursion for nature lovers. If your starting point is Stavros, drive towards Olympiada and when you reach the intersection take a right towards Varvara village. After about 5km you will get to...

    weekend in thessaloniki  (1)
    Updated March 31, 2020.

    Weekend in Thessaloniki

    The huge amount of our guests, returning from their vacation, spend one or two days in Thessaloniki. It's a bit short time to completely search and get familiar with Thessaloniki, but it's still enough to see the most important places. For such a short stay, we do not recommend spending most...

    panorama thessaloniki (34)
    Updated March 30, 2020.

    Ano Poli - Old town of Thessaloniki

    In the spring, before the heat starts, it's time to explore the inland of Thessaloniki. As soon as the temperature rises, the distance from the sea is not too pleasant. The Old Town of Thessaloniki or Ano Poli, most commonly called by the Greeks, is interesting to visit, but only if...

    agia marina stavros olimpiada (1)
    Updated March 27, 2020.

    Agia Marina

    Only 10 kilometers from Stavros, on the 75th kilometer of the old road Thessaloniki – Kavala exactly , right next to the main road, there is the church of Agia Marina. It was built in the 18th century. A legend says that in that area one priest had his own...

    nimfopetres greece (4)
    Updated December 18, 2019.

    Nimfopetres - an unusual park

    If you're planning your summer vacation in the Thessaloniki region or you're travelling in the direction of Kavala and Thassos, we suggest taking a small break by the lake Volvi, and all you need to do is make a small turn from the Egnatia highway to a park named Nimfopetres. Nimfopetra...

    waterland thessaloniki (4)
    Updated December 14, 2019.

    Waterland water park in Thessaloniki

    Waterland water park in Thessaloniki is located outside of town, near Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center. The park is not very new, but it's well kept, clean and neat and every summer it's a pleasure to many, both children and adults. In case you've visited some big water parks in Turkey and Europe,...