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Porto Valitsa Resort Paliouri Kassandra 18porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.1porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.10porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.11porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.12porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.13porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.14porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.15porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.16porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.17porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.18porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.19porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.2porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.20porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.21porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.22porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.23porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.24porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.25porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.26porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.27porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.28porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.29porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.3porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.30porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.31porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.32porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.33porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.34porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.35porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.36porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.37porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.38porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.39porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.4porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.40porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.41porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.42porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.5porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.6porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.7porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.8porto_valitsa_resort_paliouri_kasandra_halkidiki.9


  • Sea View
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Close to beach
  • Outside the town
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • TV
  • Recommended

Owner's description

Porto Valitsa, the answer for those who expect the best. Situated at one of the best places Kassandra, Halkidiki has to offer. Paliouri’s natural beauty, peace and porto Valitsa are the ingredients for a quality level lifestyle almost forgotten. Porto Valitsa, a unique resort for the few that recognize the value of quality.

Our almost private beach that surrounds the plot, from its three sides is rocky no however inhospitable. With intelligent interventions we have created small areas with sand, deck-chair and umbrellas. From there everybody can enter and come out from the water very smoothly. Finally if somebody wants more sandy beach, in 350m from our property is the famous beach of Chrouso.

The accommodation greets the eyes like a hymn to Greek simplicity, while subtlety incorporating modern facilities. The charming combination of traditional architecture and the surroundings, the homely atmosphere, the feeling of serenity are the ingredients of a forgotten way of life. After a full renovation in 2011, Porto Valitsa combines afresh the luxury and comfort needed by a family.

Room types:

  • Junior suite: Large rooms, modern design and a special style for a comfortable stay. All the suites have the master bedroom, a sitting room, a bathroom and a hydro-massage shower room. Sea view verandas or balconies. The suites can accommodate a maximum of 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old. Junior suites are on the first level of the buildings.
    *Extras: Equipped kitchenette (only one suite)

  • Superior suite: Large rooms, modern design and a special style for a comfortable stay. All the suites have a master bedroom, a sitting room, a bathroom and a hydro-massage shower room. Sea view verandas or balconies. The suites can accommodate 3 adults maximum or 2 adults and 2 children under 12 ears old. Superior suites are on the second level of the buildings.

  • Luxury suite: Its special feature, in addition to the stunning view of the Golf of Toroneos, is that it has a 45sqm garden-terrace on the third floor of the building. It has a master bedroom, a sitting room, hydro-massage shower and a multi-kitchenette. It can accommodate 3 adults maximum, or 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old.

  • Deluxe suite: Sophisticated design meets artistic inspiration. The panoramic view enhances an exciting vacation. It is at the uppermost level of Porto Valitsa. It has an extra size bed (2,10×2,10CM), jacuzzi and the pleasure of gazing at the star strewn sky through an atrium, which is shaded by a sunshade when needed. It also has a 38sqm terrace with sun-beds. Accommodation for 2 adults.

Cafe bar Porto Valitsa:

Legendary bar is well known in Halkidiki for its music and its service, as well as for the divine sunrises and sunsets. Painting and sculpture exhibitions, happenings and concerts are also some of our guests.


Sea of tastes is a vision, a passion and an endless process of creation for the owners. Respecting the twin ideals of both tradition and absolute quality, it offers delicacies from all around Mediterranean.

In Porto Valitsa, we produce a range of handmade local products which thrive in our garden. Our production follows the cycle of nature and corresponds with every season. We have a limited production, only one harvest and certainly the products from our plants and trees have not been exposed to any chemical pesticides or fertilizers for the past twenty years.


  • Restaurant
  • Cafe bar
  • No smoking rooms
  • Safe box
  • Ping pong field
  • Jacuzzi
  • Diving school
  • Theater area
  • Free private parking is possible on site (reservation is not needed)
  • Free WiFi is available in the entire hotel


  • Room Service
  • Meeting / banquet facilities
  • Breakfast in the room
  • Honeymoon suite
  • Tour desk
  • Fax / photocopying

Prices and room types

Glossary of terms

Cancellation and payment policy

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