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  • Sea View
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Outside the town
  • TV

Owner's description

If you love sea and sun, in a whole green environment, you will find everything in our accommodation unit Para Thin Alos (by the sea in ancient Greek).

There are double, triple and quadruple rooms + a 2-space apartment. The studios are all equipped with Greek TV program and A/C. Hot water is available on a 24/7 basis. Sheets, towels and pillow cases are changed every 3rd day. In this category of studios, cleaning the room is your responsibility using the equipment that you will find in the room.

The kitchen includes a family fridge, kitchenware and a small cooker where you can easily cook lunch or dinner to enjoy after swimming or while watching the sunset! There is also a barbecue area where you can cook meat or fish, which you can buy from the local market in Neos Marmaras.

Parking for your car is available within our area of 1000sqm. Free WiFi is also provided to our customers.

We also offer each adult a cup of Greek coffee per day, so that we share one of our tastes with our visitors!

The rooms are rated as First-Class according to the official Greek Tourism Organization. Our family operation tries every year to offer you warm and hospitable summer vacations next to an almost private wonderful beach. In the surrounding area you will find a 1000 square meter garden with green lawn and pine trees along the sandy beach with crystal clear waters. It's an ideal place for someone to rest in comfort or watch a unique sunset.

Also at your disposal there is a Cafe-bar, where you can enjoy your favorite drink together with traditional Greek snacks, while sunbathing, staring at the stars or watching the beautiful sunset.

We have 5 studios and 1 apartment with two 2 bed rooms (4 beds, kitchen is included in one of the rooms) on the first floor. On the mezzanine there is a 2 bed room (kitchen included), in which a folding bed or a baby-bed can be added, if necessary. This room is the only one on the mezzanine and has a big balcony. On the ground floor there are 4 studios (kitchen included), two 2 bed studios, one 3 bed studio and one 4 bed studio. In each one of these studios we can add, if necessary, another bed or a folding bed or a baby-bed.

Room Facilities:

  • Television
  • Air Condition
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

Complex Facilities:

  • Beach Bar - Cafe
  • Parking Area
  • Beach Beds
  • Sun Umbrellas

Very close to our unit you will find the town of Neos Marmaras (2km) where you can find many shops and services for your everyday needs and also many restaurants, traditional taverns, cafe, beach bars and night clubs for your own enjoyment.

Around 5km of distance you will find the traditional village of Parthenonas where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the whole area. Also there are organised daily excursions by bus to Thessaloniki for shopping and Petralona Cave and daily boat cruises to Kassandra, round of Sithonia, Mount Athos and North Sporades islands which is a unique experience.

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In these comments it is best to ask the questions regarding accommodation description, rooms, location etc. And for the things like arrival and departure dates, number of guests etc. it's best to contact us via email Also, we will answer to your comments via email so please check your inbox.



    Milena21.05.2017 23:19:14

    Poštovani, zanima me da li ima slobodni smeštaj u terminu od 01.07. na 10 noćenja 2 odrasle osobe i 1 dete od 5 god. Ako ima zanima me cena za dvokrevetni ili trokrevetni apartman/studio


    Slobodan 03.02.2017 00:10:22

    Whether you have a room /duplex /for 4 people or two studios for two people of 15.06 to 26.06 end how much costs. Thank you.


    Nenad05.01.2017 21:58:14

    1. Da li imate dečiji krevetac u apartmanu - kako bi smestili 3 odrasle osobe i 2 dece ? 2. Da li imate slobodnih termina u prelazu jun na jul?


    Danijela i Boban28.07.2016 11:00:01

    Zdravo,da li imate slobodan dvosoban apartman za porodicu sa troje dece uzrasta 16,9 i 7 godina u periodu od 02.08.-13.08. i kolika bi bila cena.Hvala i pozdrav.


    Danijela i Boban27.07.2016 19:18:45

    Zdravo,da li vam je slobodan apartman sa 4 kreveta u periodu od 02.08-12.08. i koja je cena.Hvala i pozdrav.


    Jasmina Kendjur12.07.2016 13:19:54

    Poštovani, potreban mi je smeštaj za 2 odrasle osobe i dva deteta u periodu od 21.7 do 1.8.(ili 22.7-2.08), , interesuje me smeštaj Para Thin Alos Rooms & Apartments, ima li slobodnog mesta u ovom terminu?


    vesna dmitric20.03.2016 10:52:28

    Postovani, da li ima mesta od 18.7. do 27.7. dve cetvorokrevetne sobea(dvoje odraslih i dvoje dece.dvoje .cetvoro odraslih u drugom apartmanu i malo dete koje moze da spava na decijem kreveticu) i jedna trokrevetna za dvoje odraslih,dete i decaka koji ce da spava u kreveticu koji ce doneti sa sobom.....Molim Vas i za cenu u tom periodu.......unapred zahvalni


    BaneDijana19.08.2015 18:23:20

    Hi! Do you have a available studio for 03.09.2015 - 12.09.2015. two adults and child 5 years old and how much costs that? Thank you very much for answer. Bane

    • Nataša ( 18:40:37

      Postovani, nazalost nema mesta u ovom smestaju :( Mozemo li jos nesto proveriti ili mozda preporuciti za vas? Pozdrav

    • Nevena19.08.2015 19:01:48

      Postovani, odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    Milutin Dimitrijevic19.08.2015 11:27:07

    Da li imate slobodan studio za dvoje od 22.08. do 03.09 i koliko bi kostao snestaj u tom periodu? Pozdrav!


    Nevenak18.08.2015 23:27:07

    [quote name="Ivana ("]Postovani,ima mesta u trokrevetnom studiju od 10/09. Da li Vam je to kasno?
    Ne, to je savrseno! Mozete li da me kontaktirate mailom ili da mi date br telefona?