Neos Marmaras is located in the  middle of the western side od Sithonia, 767km away from Belgrade. Nicely spreading over 3 surrounding hills it is the center of all events on Sithonia, so everyone can find something appealing to them, whether it be fun, gastronomy, luxury, beaches…

Neos Marmaras was founded by the refugees from the Turkish island Marmaras nearby Istanbul. Up until seventies of the last century, the main economic field was agriculture, but after the opening of the luxurious complex Porto Caras, many people turned to the new opportunity-tourism. Nowadays, Neos Marmaras offers a great range of accommodation - from super luxurious to economy kinds, both inside the town and in the nearby surroundings. The same thing goes for groceries because here there are a few supermarkets and small stores. When it comes to taverns, pastry shops, cafes, fast food, the number of  choices is limitless.

Since Neos Marmaras is very popular among Serbian tourists, not only will you be meet a lot of people from our country, but you will also be served by a waiter or a shop assistant in Serbian. The city offers the atmosphere of a real seaside is supposed to offer (not to say the atmosphere of Dalmatia).There are taverns and promenades by the sea, the marine full of yachts, boats and canoes, the city full of flowers that need a lot of sunlight and therefore flourish in places like this. For the sole reason that it is located on the rocky soil, it spreads out gradually so that you get to have a wonderful view from the coast of the houses in pure colors.

Beaches in the vicinity of Neos Marmaras

The city beach is a typical city beach with it’s advantages and disadvantages, but we think it is certainly above the average rate regarding city beaches. The greatest advantage may be the fact that it is located in the most southern part of the city, and those tourists who are settled in the north takes a lot of time walking there.

The best combination consists of coming by car or renting a transport vehicle and go to a great number of beaches in the surrounding area, the luxurious Porto Carras, and the rest of the island should be seen too. In the nearby surroundings you can find the Kohi beach (trendy and very expensive), the super popular Lagomandra, the long and unusual Elia, easily reachable Paradisos, as well as many hidden beaches. When you go towards the south after passing Neos Marmaras, you get to the island Kelifos, which takes the shape of a turtle when it is looked at from the coast. Inspirational for taking pictures, especially during evening hours when you have the impression that a giant, old turtle is floating towards the open sea.

Neos Marmaras is one the best destinations on Sithonia, both as the base for exploring or as the only location for those more not so eager to leave the town. You will be fascinated!

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