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  • Sea View
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Owner's description

Rahona Beach Hotel is a quiet family hotel direct by the beach in an area of 5000m2. Olive trees and pine trees add a traditional atmosphere to the hotel. Furthermore the view of the trees makes the hotel look romantic and at the same time exotic, so when the visitors first set their eyes on it they fall in love with the place and they relax and have unforgettable vacations. The hotel is fully equipped with: playground where the children can play for hours enjoying themselves, parking lot and central-heating. Rooms are comfortable with private bathroom, TV, kitchen, air-condition and refrigerator. In addition there is direct dial phone available. But the most incredible that you will find there is the view from the balconies. When you sit out there you relax only by hearing the sound of the waves, or just looking the moonlight. Each of our rooms has the availability of an additional bed. Every three days there is general cleaning but if you wish every day cleaning, that`s not a problem.

Our restaurant with fantastic sea-view and Greek and international cuisine, is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, baptism or your business meeting in a special atmosphere.

Since Rahona restaurant was founded in 1996, it has grown to become one of the most popular dining destinations and night spots in its region. The Rahona name betrays its location on a cliff top-like beachfront setting, from which you can hear the lethargic sound of warm waves lapping up on the shoreline. Rahona is set on one of the most picturesque and advantageous parts of Sithonia, Chalkidiki’s middle peninsula, occupying an elevated pine-clad seafront property of 5 acres, just one kilometer from Neos Marmaras. Offering an unrivaled, oasis-like ambiance just above the waves, Rahona is the ideal place to savour a diverse range of eclectic dining pleasures, blended with the natural charm of Greek hospitality, breathtaking sunsets and the beauty of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Having gained considerable, long-standing experience within the field of gastronomy through years of working as chef for some of the most demanding restaurants, Christos Oreopoulos,chef and owner of Rahona, put his heart and soul into creating a family owned and operated out-of-this-world resort restaurant, where everyone feels at home and everyone can enjoy an authentic Greek culinary experience during their holidays. The wood-timber and stone décor that embrace its spacious decks foster a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere.

In our restaurant you will be able to enjoy all variety of traditional Greek cuisine, ranging from a wide selection of fresh local fish and seafood, delicious meats as well as vegetables harvested fresh from our gardens, all prepared using extra virgin olive oil of our own production. Don’t forget to indulge in our own home-made tsipuro or choose from a long list of Greek wine varieties the wine to best accompany your dishes. We look forward to welcoming you and your family for a memorable dining experience with superb quality food and the warm, friendly service you deserve.

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    Dragana06.02.2018 17:55:45

    Postovani, zanima me cena studia za deset dana za dve osobe samo nocenje?


    Regina15.01.2018 22:21:11

    Da li ima slobodnog mesta od 2-7jula jedna odrasla i jedno dete i koja je Cena bez hrane


    Nada28.01.2017 18:17:24

    Da li ima slobodan cetvorokrevetni smestaj u Rahona beach u julu ili avgust i koja je cena?


    Tasa19.07.2016 19:59:06

    Zanima me ima li slobodan trokrevetni studio/aparman od 2.8 do 12.8 i po kojoj cijeni?


    Luluu24.08.2015 16:24:05

    Cao! Zanima me,koje su cene u septembru za polupansion,za tri odrasle osobe,bebu i dete od 5,5 god.?

    • Dusan24.08.2015 19:23:43

      Postovani, recite nam samo koji Vas tacno termin interesuje, kako bismo moglli da proverimo cene i raspolozivost. Pozdrav